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# 1 Age of Titans Fleet wants you!
08-11-2012, 10:16 AM
Greetings Cadets!

First let me welcome you to the recruitment office for Age of Titans, it is a pleasure to see you all here

Now you may be wondering why you have been sent for, well lets just say, i have an opportunity for you all.

I am Vice Admiral Shas'Oran, Fleet Admiral of Age of Titans.

Nearly 3 years ago, I created the fleet, then operating under the title of The Vanguard Federation, as a meeting place for cadets just like yourselves, who seek adventure with minimal restraints.

Unfortunately in recent months, our numbers have dimished for one reason or another, but I come here to offer you the chance to join up! To help make Age of Titans what it once was! A thriving fleet filled with members who work together!

I offer you the chance to work with some of Starfleets finest, to take the fight to those who threaten our way of life and help those in need!

What will this cost you? Not a thing, we have no requirements of you other than team work, but should you want to submit resources to further the fleet, you're more than welcome to! Anything you submit will be used to further improve our starbase, increase its functionality and provide a hub for all of our members to meet up, share some laughs and re-arm for the fight ahead.

For those of you who have fallen asleep, here are the bullet points of what we offer, and what we ask of you

1: Team work, work with other members of the fleet in starbase defence missions, special task forces and should they require it, assistance leveling lower characters
2: Humor! you won't get far in this fleet without a sense of humor
3: Resources, Anything you can submit towards improving the starbase, whether its dilithium, fleet marks or cashing in some duty officers that no longer serve a purpose with you, everything is welcome!
4: Fun!! By far this is the most important part, have fun! if you cant have fun doing it, it's not worth doing!

Sign up today!

Contact the 2nd in command, Admiral Wiz @wizard1954.

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