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fore: 3 antiprton beam array, 1 photon torpedo
aft:3 antiprotn beam array, 1 photon torpedo
maco xii deflector
maco xi impluse
maco xi shield
eng: 3x neutronium, 1 borg universal console
science: 2x field generator
tac:3x mag regulator
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08-11-2012, 02:28 PM
splitting the marks on your MACO gear first thing I notice.
So you have a 2 piece MACO XI set bonus
and a 1 piece MACO XII deflector

Running only the Borg assimilated console.
i would change out the deflector (honestly) for the borg one to get the 2 piece Borg Bonus as well as the 2 piecve MACO XI bonus you currently sport.

I would also mix up your engineering consoles some ... no need for 3 neutronium.
If you are looking to beef up defense. Look at other alloys and armors, and platings. Ask what enemies you will face the most. Find a couple that defend that. For me i use 2 that defend plasma (cant remember off top of my head) , because I'm using them in STFS

Tac and Sci consoles are almost exactly what I would do.

I might also change up the Photon Torpedoes , as in a cruiser you just dont have the turn rate to take full advantage of the photons. I'd suggest Quantum, but thats just me. Torpedoes I say use what you like, but it is true to say that Photons higher fire rate , works best with a good turn rate.

I'd also ask , What is your Boff layout and their skills ?

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# 3
08-11-2012, 02:56 PM
Yeah get rid of the MACO MK XII deflector, either replace it with a borg one or with a MK XI MACO Deflector. The 3pc MACO bonus graviton beam isn't all that good, but still better then not having it if you are using 3 MACO pieces. Also if you do replace the deflector with a borg one, you may want to consider replacing the engines with borg engines for the 3pc borg set bonus.

I also think the photon should be replaced with quantum. Maybe try replacing the aft torp with another beam array to give you a stronger broadside.
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08-11-2012, 03:08 PM
Go 3 pc borg + maco shield. Very effective. Also, we need to know your boff layout. Boff skills are far more important than what your ship's equiptment is.
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