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08-11-2012, 05:27 PM

Horizon's xtra durable defiant layout:


4 DHC, 3 turrets (right now i like phased tetryons)

borg deflector and engines, maco shield


eng: Cloak, RCS, Borg console (sub Neutronium for RCS if the heat is really on)
sci: 2x Field gens
tac: 4x your weapon type


Rechargable shield battery (or regular), Subspace field Modulator (Devidian thing?)

boff layout:



3x evasives, 2x shield distros......all purps if you can

power settings:

attack: 100/25/50/25
speed tanking: 25/75/75/25
break form combat: 25/50/100/25
aux heals: 25/50/25/100

notes: spec this baby close to cruiser stats. heavy on defense and power levels. you should rarely ever use the full aux setting, rely on your speed tanking setting for defensive maneuvers and the full aux setting for when you have to throw that TSS and TT to your cruiser.

notes on piloting: use your cloak wisely, 15 more seconds of you staying cloaked could mean an extra 50k damage in a ten second window when you pay attention to your targets buffs. alpha'ing some guy who has a tac team up is wasting your alpha. this build is about speed tanking. you can easily swap that shield battery for a weapons battery, and only spike every 2 minutes when is comes around. (trust me, you will like what happens when you stop jamming on every power that is available as soon as it is up. stack the buffs people, not enough of you do)

notes on cannons: they are awesome at 3k from target. get good at matching your targets speed. also, if you go jamming on fire all weapons every 2 seconds the damn AI will jack up your cannon timing. try putting your weapons on auto, and only hitting the button once. focus all your button mashing energy on throttle control.

and to end it, wow, im feeling chatty today......

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the hilbert guide: http://sto-forum.perfectworld.com/sh...d.php?t=275981

have fun, kill bad guys!

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