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Hello all, this is a list of coordinates to help you place NPC contacts properly at bridge stations.

I am reposting these bridge officer coordinates that people posted a few months ago before the forum change as it is quite useful but has since been buried.

They were all "Archived Post" so I don't know who posted each one, and I certainly don't take credit for them. I would like to get this stickied, and also ask anyone who has coordinates for other bridges please post them here.

NOTE: Turn OFF snap to grid (two of the buttons on the top right of the map).


I only used four of the available chairs for my map. They are as follows:

Captain x 0.00 y 0.100 z 1.450 rotation 177.0

Seated left of captain x 2.296 y 0.00 z 0.959 rotation -178.9

BO front left x 4.468 y 0.000 z -6.013 rotation 117.6

BO front right x -4.638 y 0.000 z -5.899 rotation -130.2

You may need to tweak these depending on the sizes of your NPCs. I had everyone sitting in either "captain's chair" or "sitting, typing" poses/animations.


-8.00; 0.00; 0.16; -60
8.25; 0.00; 0.16; 60
-5.63; 0.00; 3.97; -60
5.75; 0.00; 3.97; 60
-3.90; 0.00; 6.88; -65
4.07; 0.00; 6.88; 65
-3.00; 0.00; 9.45; -70
3.10; 0.00; 9.45; 70

Your mileage may vary.

Galaxy Class:

Captain's Chair
Animation to use: Sit - Captain's Chair or Sit - Officer's Chair
Sit - Captain's Chair may or may not work depending on the size of the NPC.
X: -0.2; Y: 0; Z: -2.438; Rotation: 0

Forward Consoles (Ops & Conn) (The officer's legs will clip through the chair, which is unavoidable)
Animation to use: Sit - Officer's Chair
Conn: X: 2.4; Y: 0; Z: 10.05; Rotation: 0
Ops: X: -2; Y: 0; Z: 10.05; Rotation: 0

Seated consoles (Unlike Ops and Conn the legs don't clip through the chair on these)
Animation to use: Sit - Officer's Chair
Port Console: X: -11.45; Y: 0; Z: 6; Rotation 25
Starboard Console: X: -11.95; Y: 0; Z: 6; Rotation -35

Standing consoles
Animation to use: Any variation of Type - Leaning
Port Wall: X: 13; Y: 0; Z: -0.1; Rotation -90
Starboard Wall: X: 13.1; Y: 0; Z: -0.1; Rotation 90
Port Tactical: X: -1.217; Y: 0; Z: -5; Rotation 0
Starboard Tactical: X: 0.874; Y: 0; Z: -5; Rotation 0
Aft Port: X: -6; Y: 0; Z: -12.7; Rotation -154.4
Aft Center (Engineering): X: -0.018; Y: 0; Z: -13.7; Rotation 180
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