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This keeps getting asked, so here is my answer;

Good Luck!
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08-12-2012, 08:48 PM
Originally Posted by sameriker View Post
This keeps getting asked, so here is my answer;

Good Luck!
Thanks for making the video, but this solution is about as common as the question. It's not really a solution for a lot of us. If they would just explain why we can't make a npc contact disappear, then that would be different. As it is, we are reduced to making floors go away.

I use it myself. It should be unnecessary, especially when we don't have props for good sets in the sky.
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08-13-2012, 04:31 AM
In "The Rights of the Many" updated version. I shifted a wall about 1.5 meters to hide a person. At the end of the mission a female was taken away for a medical examination. In my original version a player pointed out that she was still there at the end. So I recently fixed it hiding her behind the wall when you return. Unless it is pointed out you would never notice the entire wall has moved.

@Kirksplat: I am not a computer guru just married to one. Most people seem to think they have yet to add stuff to the Foundry but I am "informed" that is misconception. All the materials are there on our disk drive, we are just not being given full access. I find it strange watching all the promo videos about the Foundry and the seemingly lack of interest in support.

You have done more than your fair share in helping us with tricks like the bottles and small object triggers. I used a platform as a trigger and the whole thing glows now. Even though it looks stupid... I am NOT going to change that just to have them mess with it again.

I can't begin to imagine this system will be fully functional for "D&D Neverwinter" either, which is why I signed up here in first place.
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