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In the late 24th century, the 15th Fleet was a standing fleet, centered around Starbase 173 and other key Federation outposts along the Romulan Neutral Zone. While the 15th was assembled as a defense against the Romulan Star Empire, this fleet has found itself on the front lines of incoming Borg and Tholian attacks as well. During the Dominion war the fleet split into three sections (Task Forces), Alpha, Bravo and Charlie.

15th Task Force Charlie played a minor role in the clean up after the dominion war. Their main task was to search the Alpha Quadrant for any signs of dominion ships and personnel. The Task Force was very small throughout the dominion war with only three ships actually involved, the USS Torres, USS Briggs and the USS Explorer-A. During the aftermath of the war the task force was given a complete over haul and going into 2409 it received an Odyssey Class Star Ship going under the name of USS Explorer-B to replace the USS Explorer-A edition. The Task Force's main mission at the moment is to monitor the current Tholian and Borg threat.


15th Task Force Charlie is a relatively new fleet and because of this we are currently at Tier 0 but as we expand we will get better. We enjoy PVP's, STF's, and PVE's and will always help you if you require something.
If you would like to join please visit our website at http://15thtaskforcecharlie.weebly.com/ or contact me in game (Hazelnut@CPT-Hazelnut) and join the cause.

15th Task Force Charlie Admiral

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