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Hi all.

Can someone help me.

I have a old engineer level 50 captain that i guess i could start using to convert daily dilithium and for that i probs should run stfs in her now and then.

I haven't fully skilled her (230k out of 300k i think) as yet so theres some flexibility in that but tbh i cba to write down what she has in skills right now, but if need be, i can later on.

I have a ody (free version) and a star cruiser, intrepid and some other lower class ships from early in her career.

I am wondering what i can do with her. Which ship, what gear to get, what powers to get. It has been so long that i have no idea what to do with a eng captain nowadays.

I have some credits (300k to spend max) atm due to too many keys that i have been buying when i have enough ec lol. So a very very cheap ody build that is good enough for at least normal stfs for now untill i can afford better equipment and also to get used to using a eng/cruiser for elites later down the road.

Atm it has 3 tos phasers fore and 3 rear tos phasers and a photon up front and a harp on the back iirc and some random stuff for console slots.

Also no idea with powers and boffs to use on this btw im far too used to tacticals with escorts.

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08-11-2012, 06:09 AM
Doesn't really sound like you want to...
If you're not playing to have fun, you're doing it wrong

In any case, here's the build my main was using before I started a new experimental build, slightly adjusted for the Ody Star Cruiser (he uses a Gal-R):

Should have all of what you need for solid tanking.
If you're not used to tanking, move Starship Threat Control down to where you're comfortable to start. Or just run normals to get used to it.

The build served me well.
A few tips:
Keep EP2S and EP2W rotated, and set your power levels to have weapons and shields at 125 at the same time, all the time.
FAW to get and hold aggro.
Tac Team + Rotate Shields + Transfer shield strength = really tough shields.
AND you'd still have RSP in your back pocket.
You can switch out Extend 3 for Aux2Sif3. Both are great for teams (I prefer Ext 3, but might take A2Sif over Eng team).

I run 3 Phaser Beam Arrays fore, 3 aft.
1 Quantum torp fore, 1 aft.
MACO shields, 3pc borg.
Eng: 3x Neutronium, 1x EPS
Sci: 1x Borg, 2x Field Gen.
Tac: 2x Phaser Relays

Try it out, if you feel like tanking.

If not, buy an escort and put your engie in it, and it's business as usual

Hope that helps!
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"Oh, I may be captain by rank... but I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer." ~Montgomery Scott~

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08-11-2012, 07:21 AM
Yeah i kinda dont fancy a cruiser as i like escorts more but its a eng shouldnt i be running a cruiser for it tho i suppose since the skill tree redo u could run a escort i guess on it but eng powers arnt really that good from what i have looked at so far for a escort just power transfer, power drain resist and a heal iirc is what u get.

Besides it would be nice to try a cruiser i guess as a change of pace.

I just expected more punch kinda than what i was getting during a normal stf last night as when i did ISN it was taking an absolute age to get anything damaged i mean gens were taking a really long time and the transformer or a cube felt like i wasnt even damaging it compared to my bug ship tho i do realise the diff a good bug to a quick setup on the fly ody lol but still i thought id do a bit more damage on my own.

I dont really want to tank but i have sorta gone that way as in resists and heals based on help from a friend and some power and console setup which isnt too bad i guess considering its cheap. I basically would like to at least manage to down some things on my own in a ody or cruiser like a gen from ISN/ISE or a sphere or somit.

I think my phasers were about 600 per weapon and went up to about near 800 i think with omega on. I ran FAW and tbh it doesnt hit very hard but i guess its mainly to take agro but i dont wana take agro i like pew pew :p

I thought odys were suppose to be powerful as in damage they can dish out for a cruiser ok not anything like a bug escort or the likes but meh i expected better than the p.. poor damage im doing. I checked my phasers compared to mk x gear at the stf store and there not much better tbh except modifiers.

If i could just maybe get my phasers up to 1000 or so or better most of the time i think i could do better damage and be happier.

Failing all this tho i guess i might have no choice but to think about using a escort on this eng captain. But meh i really did fancy a big ship for a change. :p

I will have a good look at the build above and try some of it out if i can. Thank you for the post it will no doubt help me in some ways.
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08-11-2012, 07:53 AM
Engineers are just as practical in an Escort if that's how you want to roll.
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08-11-2012, 07:59 AM
Most people seem to think there's nothing wrong with an Engie in an Escort.

Personally, I feel that cruisers play to their strengths, but there are arguments both ways.

A cruiser isn't designed to be a (slightly) mobile weapons platform.
That cruiser build hit 2M damage (2,500 DPS) in my parse of my last ISE run (2nd place). AND held aggro.
That's not shabby at all for a cruiser.
(we had a good tac in an escort who dished out around 3.5M (1st place)).

Sure, I don't facemelt things like escorts do. Not even close.
But... hit Tac team + EP2W+FAW+Nadion Inversion and unload.
1200-1400 damage per shot, per beam.
It's only for maybe 10-20 seconds, and nadion inv. has a 3 minute cooldown, but it's nice a nice burst.
I've heard other cruiser captains boast higher damage. Maybe they can chime in and give you some tips

You could try a turret/cannon build on it and use the LtCmdr uni station for tactical, and drop Starship Threat Control all together.
Might be better for damage, and you wouldn't have to tank.

I won't lie... with my build, I almost guarantee you won't feel the damage like you did in your bug. It won't seem like much. But, you'll be doing more damage than you think.
It's me, Chrome. [Join Date: May 2009]

"Oh, I may be captain by rank... but I never wanted to be anything else but an engineer." ~Montgomery Scott~

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08-11-2012, 05:20 PM
Ok got a build and im getting 2nd place in ISE and KASE in dps in the ody.

KASE which lasted 1263s according to parser (failed obj like but we got through it) and managed 2.250.000 out dps with my phaser banks. Then on ISE the match before i got 1.250.000 on the phasers.

Think i would like a ship that was a bit better at turning but im managing i guess. 2x TT1, APO1 APB, and EP2W3 seems to be doing a nice boost in damage for me.
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08-13-2012, 02:50 AM
In terms of ships, unless you're trying to minmax your way into the absolute top level of tanking/DPS/etc., command whatever ship type you want to. At end game with multiple options for ship types, you may find that one ship or another is particularly bad for a class or your play style, but in general any class can go with anything.

A lot of people will try to tell you you "have" to be in a particular ship type. If you're going for PvP or to be the absolute best, they may be right. However, if you don't fit into either category, there are ways to be an effective captain no matter what your specialty and your ship is.
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08-13-2012, 07:49 AM
So long as you know what you're doing, don't blow generators,cubes, or gates early, and don't vomit rainbows everywhere, you won't have any problems using the Oddy as an Eng.

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