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Originally Posted by dood98998 View Post
See: previous post. I can have tt up with 5 seconds of voneroubility, and can use a combo of e2s/tss/polarize hull/aux 2 sif to cover that weakness. Trying to get good grav sci's so my gw/ss/ sensor scan combo can get better. To beat gates, do what you would with a cube- get on top of it, rotate tanking abilities, draw aggro, and leave the gate open to escorts with the dps to finish it.
I can usually tank one side on my own using my Oddy or Excelsior re-fit, especially the Oddy if I use the universal Lt. Cmdr slot for another science officer, but my DPS isn't quite that great to destroy everything so I normally am only able to take out one of the Transformers by the time the rest of the team is heading my way. In a cruiser though what I've found works well for helping take down the gates is to park broadside about 8-9 km out and spam EPTW and weapon batteries.
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08-08-2012, 04:09 PM
Remember, on elite, popping two generators spawns a single cube, not two spheres. Word on the street is that most every "decent" cruiser build is more than capable of tanking a single cube while maintaining an anti-probe posture.

Don't know why the spawn is (arguably) a weaker group on elite than normals, IIRC, a cube only has slightly more HP than 2 spheres, but a lot less guns. Only problem I have as a Sci is the cube Tachyon beam / shield removal effect, can't shield tank without shields. Hull tanking cruisers and (optimised for DPS) escort builds can usually solo what the cubes throw at it.

Which is another reason why carriers have such an easy time soloing a side on KASE. Pets pop two generators, cube spawns, pets focus on cube while carrier's cruiser-esque hull tanking keeps them in the game. Carrier helps during probe break(s). Carrier may also have an easier time taking out probes, I have little (actually no) problem soloing 4 probes in a Luna with 2xDBB fore, 2x Turrets aft (all polaron), and a quantum on each side, with GW I/III and a tractor beam slotted. Cruiser's extra gun (compared to my Luna build) may make that even easier...
Well, with the upgrade announcement leaving NX and Connie fans in the dust again, can we restart / revisit the T5 Connie and NX threads - since they will no longer be "truly" endgame ships... (after we get the T5 versions, it'll be time to see them added to the T5U upgrade charts too...
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Gates have blind spots at between 9-10 km ranges on their flanks, around 90 degrees on each side where they cannot hit you.
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Originally Posted by boorman73 View Post
I'm an engineering VA in an Odyssey Operations cruiser. Usually when I pug KASE, I'm taking out the gates myself. I'm having a hard time doing it without dying several times.

What's your strategy for destroying the gates while taking minimal damage yourself?
I normally sit still 45 degrees off centre to the right of the gate at around 9.7km.
Using my Armitage and advanced delta flyers and will kill all probes and the gate by myself without taking any damage.
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Originally Posted by tudenom View Post
Can you describe what you're doing and what your team mates are doing?

The general strategy that I tend to see work successfully is the four and one strategy, where four ships go to one gate and one ship goes to the other gate.

The four ships go about their standard business, destroy the generators, take care of probes, and then move on to the gate when the generators are down.

The one ship all by itself destroys the probes coming from the other gate but doesn't try to destroy the gate or the generators. the single ship can fire on the generators and damage them but not destroy them.

When a generator pops it summons spheres. It's a lot to ask of a single ship to kill the probes while defending themselves against spheres too. Often it results in probes squeeking by or the one ship getting killed leaving the centre gate defenseless.

Really, the single ship is there to destroy probes and that's it. Once the team of four destroys the complex on the one side they can scurry on over to the other side to blow up generators and the gate.

When I'm on probe duty by myself in a pug I leave the generators and the gate alone since there's a good chance that some doofus from the 4 man team figures that there's more glory on the other side and then pops the generators I've been damaging in short succession = death for the both of us. I figure if the generators are 100% it will take the doofus more time to kill one = more of a chance the other team will finish up and come to help.
4 players, 1 leech? Seriously, if you twiddle your thumbs between probe waves, you're a leech.
When I'm on probe duty (I always am), I'm taking down generators, cubes and gates. Because probes take a couple of seconds and then you can go back to a real target.

Leaving a Gate alive because you're scared of Spheres is a terrible idea. If you can't survive a couple of Spheres (not that hard, really), you've got no chance against a Gate; the thing hits much harder.
Not to mention that once a Gate is destroyed, you're 5 vs a single side instead of having to keep members apart.

That said, an Eng/Cruiser shouldn't have too much difficulty surviving a Gate (or anything, really).
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Originally Posted by boorman73 View Post
What's your strategy for destroying the gates while taking minimal damage yourself?
position your ship directly to the side of the gate @ > 7 km

not from an angle. do not shoot from the front. you can get in as close as 7 km. any closer, you will become vulnerable for damage from gate.
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You can shoot at gate from 8+km from the side but I don't like the low damage you do at that range. I fly an escort and I'm usually right up in there doing max damage. I don't blow up often, usually my fault for waiting too long. I found that if you stay low and really close to it you won't get hit by those new torpedo or whatever they're shooting since season 6 patch, only energy weapon which are much easier to tank. Those new torp have crit on me for aver 100k dmg, once 150k so better not to get hit by them. Just like cube that can't shoot torp at you when your on top or below them.

I stay out of range only if I'm on probe duty, to shoot at gate when there is no probe to shoot at.

I always see lots of ppl shooting at everything from far away and you don't get your max dps that way, cannon effective range is 2km and beam 1 km so the closer the faster you destroy whatever you're shooting at. And if someone don't believe what I just said its easy to verify. Shoot at the big transformer from extreme range and get closer slowly, you'll see your number go up as you get closer. That how my tac is usually top dps in most missions. Shooting from far away is wasted potential from your energy weapon
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