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Okay, so I'm really new to the game and I've been reading around the forums trying to find a good Sci support build. I know that as it stands, dps rules the game. But I just love the way the Sci vessels look and i love being support.
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08-14-2012, 12:19 AM
It depends how you want to support your team. You want to heal ? you want to control the enemy ? Or disrupt their teamwork ?

There is generally 4 approaches you can play a sci ship.

DPS, shield drain and spike related skills (photonic shockwave, tachyon beam, charged particle burst)
Heal and cleanse debuffs (Hazzard Emmiters, Transfer Shield Strenght, Science team)
Control / Gimp (tractor beam, gravity well, energy drains, tyken rifts, subsystem targeting, viral matrix)
Disrupting Teamwork (disableing ships that extend shields with photonic shockwave, pushing people away with Tractor Beam Repulsors)

There is many options. But in this season science abilites are less powerful than they used to be. I suggest to take a peak on this thread...


Plenty of useful information and builds there created by some of the most experienced science ship players in STO.
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08-14-2012, 02:40 AM
Thanks, found exactly what I needed there!

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