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08-14-2012, 08:18 AM
So I'm doing ISE last night with my sci toon. Pop the cube within 10 seconds, I'm thinking "Well damn, this is going to be easy". Then it takes 2 minutes to kill the spheres...uh ok, odd but whatever.

Move on to the left side, everyone is asked if they know the 10% rule, only one answers yes. Ok, not uncommon to not get responses. Start plowing away at generators. I watch the defiant escort shred one to bits using CRF/TS2 or 3 and just kept jamming the generator while it was getting low on health. I say "Back off of the generator, only get it to 10%" then POP.


Ok well whatever, being in a sci ship I rush to the gate to grav well the incoming spheres and do my crowd control as the others are popped. Well too many in ISE for one sci ship to handle all at once and there goes the optional.

I can deal with the loss of the optional, at least you can't lose the STF like KASE and Cure. So I just start plugging away at the spheres...and watch as my team melts against the spheres. At least 5 deaths against this small group of spheres. Now I'm thinking to myself, wtf did I get myself into? But even that is not totally uncommon.

Move on to the right side, I explain again about the 10% rule. Escort pops the generator early again...seriously? Rush down the gate, grav well etc.

This time, the spheres overwhelmed this team, started killing them and I watched as 3 of them concentrated on 1 sphere and each one died to it. WTF? Ok, seriously screwed up builds here.

I then call out in Team and Zone "Kill the Nanite spheres, then kill the transformer. Ignore the regular spheres" and...wait for it...back onto a regular sphere they go again, and for each one they kill since they took so long to do so, the regular spheres kept respawning and decimating this team.

It's been a long time since I left an ISE because you just can't fail it. But that group, was completely made of fail.

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