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Valhalla's Rising Anniversary

Hello all, the anniversary of our gaming community is going to be on August 25th and we have two events planned for the whole STO community to join our celebrations.

More events are scheduled for members of Valhalla's Rising fleet (FED) and Sto'Vo'Kor's Rising (KDF) so please check our webpage or the in-game calendars.

The PvP events consists of one ground and one space event. We have tried these in the past and they have always been a lot of fun. Everybody is welcome to compete for great prices, like a Tholian Recluse carrier, keypacks, ship modules, or a complete set of Tholian Warfare Doffs for your faction.

We hope to welcome you all for this day, and join our celebrations. Meeting point for all events is Drozana Station System. You can communicate with us through pm or by simply joining "Valhalla" open chat channel in game. A temporary password for our Teamspeak server will be posted here as well as in that channel on the day of the event.

We will start the pvp part of our celebration with a

Melee only ground tournament.

Signup sheet

1 Rules:
1.1 General:
  • Only one character per player can compete in the tournament.
  • Characters are restricted to play against opponents of the same career type.
  • Matches are 1v1 arenas with first to 3 kills.
  • In case of a draw, sudden death will decide the match winner.
  • Only matches observed by an official will count towards progressing in the tournament.

1.2 Gear
  • The use of consumables, pets, or kit powers is prohibited and leads to disqualification.
  • Hand combat or melee weapons only. No restrictions on available in game options.
  • Ground Set Boni are permitted, you are free to choose whatever armor or shields you see fit.
  • Doff boni are permitted.

2 Date Place
26.08.12 12:00 1:30 am (ECT) 08/25/12 6pm (EST).
Meeting point : Drozana Station System.

3 Prize
The winners of the science, tactical and engineering class brackets will receive
10 keys, and a ship module each.
The three winners have then the chance to enter a random draw for one complete set of
Tholian warfare Doffs of either faction.

Dragonslayer- Shuttle PvP event
Signup sheet

For the dragonslayer as many players as possible (max. 20 per side per map) attempt to kill a single large healing vessel (the dragon), usually a Gal-X.

1 Rules:
1.1 General:
  • Space arena match 1v20 (max). 100 kills. The match is over once the Dragon has been defeated, or it has scored 100 kills.
  • The player that delivered the kill shot according to the combat log won the match.

1.2 In case of multiple matches/rounds
  • In case of multiple simultaneous matches a follow up round will take place.
  • Shuttle pilots that have delivered the final shot are guaranteed progression into the follow up match.
  • Players that have previously competed in a team with less then 20 players, have preferential access to the next round. The smaller the team the larger the bonus.
  • The rest of the team is in equal parts composed of players that have scored either maximum damage or healing.
  • Final decision about challenge invites lies with the dragon's pilot.
  • Players can participate in multiple rounds, so we can fill up ranks in case of uneven numbers. Once each player had a chance to participate once. The event continues with follow up rounds, as explained above.

1. 3 Gear
1.3.1 Shuttle pilots
  • All shuttles small crafts are permitted. The freighter is not a small craft.
  • All items/sets/consoles are permitted on shuttles.

1.3.2 Dragon pilot:
  • The dragon is a Gal-X. Star Cruiser, Assault Cruiser (including Fleet or Mirror variants), or Odyssey variants can be fielded should circumstances demand it .
  • Atrox and Recluse carrier cannot field pets other then shield or hull repair drones. These are a last resort if no cuiser dragons are available.
  • No Universal Consoles on the Dragon
  • No Assimilated Borg Set Boni for the Dragon.

2 Date Place
26.08.12 02:00 3:30 am (ECT) 08/25/12 8pm (EST).
Meeting point : Drozana Station system.

3 Prize:
1 Tholian Recluse Carrier

Sign ups for both events close 1h before the official start of the matches. Please sign up in this thread. Link to google spreadsheets are going be live soon(tm).

At both events should we need to fill spots to provide all interested players a chance to compete. Our fleet officers will field the necessary additions from within their ranks.

Q: Won't feds be at an advantage at the Dragonslayer event because of the many shuttle options they have.
Y: Sadly that is true and not much we can do about it. Based on past experience, landing the killing shot adds enough of a random element to the game to make it worthwhile for klings to have a go at it..

Q: Won't KDF toons have an advantage at the Melee Tournament
Y: Yes, and since FEDs have one at the dragonslayer we decided that this one is fair trade off. Q'apla

Hope to see you all at the event, and good luck to all.
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08-22-2012, 09:12 AM
Woohoo Bat'leth tournament is going to be awesome followed by more awesome for Dragon Slayer finished off with a dessert of awesome.
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08-23-2012, 01:24 AM
i m currently out n about so i couldn't check the new melee changes coming live today, but yup it's going to be fun
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