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# 1 a few interesting minor bugs
08-16-2012, 01:59 AM
#1 is a definate bug/exploit

fighters once locked onto an enemy will continue to follow them even if they are cloaked giving their position away every time.. (useful if your the attacker but irritating if your the cloaked ship in pvp etc..)

#2 is more of anoyance by design.

most itenms you discard you can retrive from the replicator.. however i accidentally discarded some tholian requisition boxes (my own fault i know that), but noticed they couldnt be retrived from the replicator . might be a usful idea to allow items like that to be retrived just in case of accidental removal

#3 ship customisation.

i have noticed the armitage (and posibly other ships), visual comoponants wont allow you to place a fleet emblem on them can this be fixed please

#4 the recent tribble addition to fleet bases

i have noticed alot of players who have it saying they dont see the tribbles on their fleet bases even though they have them (i havent experienced this personally but alot of the fleet memebers i fly with have)

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