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Hey ya ^^
the Starbase Invasion in one of the most effective Fleet Events to get Fleet Marks - My personally best run was 36 / 4 / Yes, and we got 51 Fleet Marks for this! - I hope, that we can do this again, and again, and so i start this guide

Please forgive my bad english, my native language is german


When you are the first time at the event. take at first a flashlight on the left side of the room near the door, and activate it.
Hint: when you have a flashlight from Episode Missions in Inventory, or your Bank, you will not get a flashlight - to acivate the light drag and drop it into the character equipment - and click the new button you get for it


The whole event is splitted in 3 rounds. Before the event starts, it is time enough to say hello, and speak about the jobs in round one and two

In the 3. Round is the goal to kill the captain - for a good team this is relativy easy to do

Please note that my point of view is with an eye as tactic officer, i would be glad, if technic and science officers would write here about their side of view too, and also i would be glad, if other tactic officers would write here about their ideas, and tactics, so that we will get at the end a very good orientation for this event, and a better teamwork

Round 1 - Search and defeat Saboteurs

In the first round the goal is to find and defeat as much Saboteurs (Sabos) as possible - The area is huge, so it is a good idea, to cut in in 5 pieces, and everyone take care to find the Sabos in his/her area

The problem mostly is the different thinking where an area is located - some use the compass, some do orientate with side of view on the minimap (bottom/top), other use the distance to the start room (near/far/close) - and sometimes people speak about upper and lower too - it is a linguistic chaos, and we should stop that - i made a map with some recommends how we could speak together:


Saboteurs can be seen good from distance because they have a big Progress Symbol over their head - only when they are in hidden corners, you must look directly in this corner. There are several possibilities can happen, when you attack a sabo
- you kill him directly ^^
- the sabo say: I surrender - then you must go near to him, and use the *Tag for Transport* Button to finish this one (sometimes the mini turret fire on you, and disturb you to teleport the sabo - than may be you must kill the sabo at the end)
- sometimes the sabo teleports away middle in the fight - than you was to late

Some people prefare to find Sabos with their ears, they try to hear when a Sabo is beamed in, and from where the beam sounds comes

I prefare to search Sabos with my eyes, and have my camera mostly in a bird perspektive - which give a good overview - only in some corners I must change the view
I run always - yes, you must run as often as you can - Time = Sabos - I use a Split beam weapon in round one - because this weapon have a range of 35m - and dont forget Hypospray - sometimes you get more damage as you like from turrets, Gangsters, Pets, and Sabos who fight back

Round 2 - Kill 4 protected Saboteurs

In the second round *only* 4 Saboteurs must be killed - These NPCs are always at the same place, and can be killed easy - if you know how you can do - Other as in the rounds before there are now NPC group, who protect the Sabos
As a tactical Officer i can use a Agent Kit - i am unvisible, and can run threw the map - go in a corner, and kill easy one Saboteur after the other - a good tactical officer can kill 3 sabos alone, sometimes can kill all 4 - alone -
i see often technique officers, run through the NPCs to the saboteur, build a shield, and kill the Sabo - this works fine too
Some guys jump on cubes (caitaner can jump so cute ) i love to play my level 15 Caitan and kill 2 or 3 sabos in this round) and sniper the sabos down

Oh yes, we have much good gamers, and many of us found a way to kill some Sabos - but hey !!!!!

We are a Team, or not? ^^

Why not speak about which Sabo YOU want kill first? Why not speak about which Sabo is down?

I always write this in chat, and sometimes other do too ( and more and more often ) - and it is good for the team

For example: Near left down

So everybody know: The sabo in this corner is down

And please not say now: there is no time to write this

Again: We are a team, and YOU must not kill all 4 Sabos alone - so help your teammates, that he or she know, where they must go next - so as the team mates will help you, that you will not run unnecessary ways (and waste time)

Normally when the team communicate before the event starts, one team member choose one sabo, and kill it, and if in team, the techniques can prepare round 3 - i have heard, that it is much more easy to kill the npcs in round 3 when turrets are build in round 2 in the middle of the area

again: We are a team - so lets speak together ^^

Round 3: Defeat the Captain

In the last round are a few things to do , following each other

- at first there is a group of NPCs, must be defeated, when this group is defeated, a second group of NPCs appears
- when the second group is eliminated, a shield around a npc group in the middle can be lowered, and the npcs, one of them the captain, can be killed
(the captain always have a personal name, und is in the middle of the five NPCs directly in front of the console)

if the captain is still there ^^

thats the hint of this round:
it is a run against the time - and the timer starts in this moment, when one of the team leaves the first room - when the timer is full, the captain will teleport away - this will happen even, when he is under fire

So what can we do to catch the Captain?
- wait, that the whole team is complete - and prepared - some gamers need longer time to load the new scene - and give them time to refresh tribbles and buffs
- when you are intelligent, you give the time to change the equip - a tactic officer can give the whole group much more damage - with the right kit
- choose the best weapon for near distance and area damage - refresh buffs - and go together!!!!
- run and kill the npcs as quickly as you can - watch the progress - you can see fine when change to 1/2, than the second group will beamed in, and when change to 2/2, the shield can be lowered
- its a good idea when one of the group stand early at this place to lower the shield - but not too early, or the team will loose to much damage

Its an idea worth to try to sniper a few NPCs before leaving the room - every killed NPC before starting the timer saves time

2 Things - which make it very hard, mostly impossible to catch the captain:

1. One ore two run as they have a devil in back, and start the timer - before the whole group is prepared
2. Sometimes a NPC from the first group is hidden, and must be found and killed - but mostly this takes to much time ;((
3. In one time we have had a bug, where we could not lower the shields, cause there was two NPCs in blue and our friends - could not be killed

I hope, this guide will help to start a discussion about the best tactic for this event - and cannot wait to read about your ideas and recomments

At the end please think always about, that this is a team event, and not a event for 5 single palyers

have fun, and get many fleet marks

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08-15-2012, 04:57 AM
A couple things to add:

In round 2, it may be necessary to play the sacrifice and draw the guards away from their protected Sabotuer so that someone ELSE can get the kill. This tends to inevitably get YOU killed. Try not to do this next to the door of the spawn point, as that tends to foul up round 3 some. Also try not to do it more than once-the timer gets longer every time you drop, and if you're still dead-on-the-map when round three kicks off, guess what? the clock starts anyway, and you may have just blown the mission for everyone else.
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08-15-2012, 06:22 AM
One trick I've pulled to successfully solo the upper right group is to stealth(only tac can get this kit), stand next to the sab, then destealth and summon everything I can to keep the enemies busy while I kill the sab. Sometimes the enemies kill me anyways, but not always.

I can haz joystick!
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08-15-2012, 06:45 AM
Ty for making this guide, I don't do this event often as without knowledge of the event I felt I was holding up my team mates. This will help me and others like me out.

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08-15-2012, 06:53 AM
Another good guide floating around since june :


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# 6 A rifle test in rond 3
08-16-2012, 08:19 AM
Yesterday we have gone with 5 people from my fleet into this event, to do some tests - we have been in Teamspeak too, so we had a good communication too

Our goal was to find out what will happen, if no one leave the start room

We found out 2 things:

No 1: - Sometimes the NPCs from the first group have been agro to our technical officer - we think the reason was the turrets he build near the milddle - in this situation they come running to the start room

No 2: - We tried to sniper the NPCs from the first group - it is possible to hit one of them with the secondary attack of a rifle (45m) - if one agro, they do group agro and run to the start room

The event did not start in this situation
The timer of the Enemy Captain was still off

Than we run together into the centre, to defeat the second group, but than the surprise, we couldnt lower the shield

We tried it again, and got the same effect

I would say it is like a bug, the developers did not integrate the situation, that people will start sniper the first group, so the event counter do not work as we know - So the first group was not counted, and the second group was counted, but as 1/2

In a third try we snipered again the first group, but left the start room than before all NPCS was down -
the event and the timer starts than as we know, and it was very easy to kill the captain - because was very much time left after killing the second NPC group
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08-16-2012, 08:57 AM
There's no such thing as a Starbase Invasion event.
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08-16-2012, 09:29 AM
Originally Posted by eureka View Post
There's no such thing as a Starbase Invasion event.
Seem to be you are not member of a fleet? this event is only visible and playable when you are in a fleet
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08-17-2012, 09:57 AM
Originally Posted by kyntakko View Post
Seem to be you are not member of a fleet? this event is only visible and playable when you are in a fleet
He is pulling on your leg regarding your choice of word : the name of the event is Stabase INCURSION, not invasion like you keep saying.
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08-17-2012, 04:51 PM
For Phase 2, a science officer with a Medic Kit can pretty much solo all the Saboteurs as well. Start at the Southwest corner, sprint through all the mobs, use a pulsewave to kill the saboteur while healing yourself. When he's dead, move to the Northwest Saboteur, repeat, then once he's dead, commit suicide. Rez, then repeat starting on the Southeast side.

Now, you dont have to solo it, hopefully the other 4 members of your group will be useful, but worst case, this part is easy to solo as a sci or tact (not sure about engineering, I dont play one of those).

Note: I saw your diagram with Far left, or whatever, I still prefer actual directions (SW/SE/NW/NE). Much easier to describe, and the groups I run with all use it too.

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