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Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
mehen, I fly a Sci. ship for DPS. The Atrox carrier is a Sci. ship and it is very good at DPS.

And my Nebula still can hit 5k raw dps. Did I say science vessels can't throw a few punches? And honestly, you deal dps in that thing because of your fighters. I've flown with many a carrier, and I demolish them in dps, yet overall they beat me due to fighters. A carrier is horrible example to hold up as science doing well in the dps spectrum, as most of their damage potential flies out of their hangars, not their torpedo tubes. Science abilities do crap damage and are overall weak at even CC/debuffing at times. I fly science primarily now...doesn't mean I know they've been hit in both kneecaps with a bat by the Devs and then pissed on.

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