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During the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas last week I met Mr. Felczer and told him about a crashing issue with STO on my laptop (Incase you are looking at this Mr. Felczer I'm "Joe").

Sinse late June, whether a patch (more likely) or some other factor, STO instantly crashes after I log in or crashes maybe after 10 minutes. I have been here sinse headstart, I used to play on the highest graphics settings (because my laptop is still over-spec'd for STO), etc for these past 2+ years and had no problems until this summer. My connection is virtualy at max whenever I have my laptop on; I don't run anything else usually when I played STO.

I contacted Customer Support few weeks ago and they told me to make sure everything is up to date, etc and or just uninstall / reinstall, which was a little dissapointing because I check almost everyday for nvidia updates / windows, and my laptop automatically updates itself anyway.

Some of my fellow fleetmates tried to help me out (when I wasn't crashing for mere minutes) but they couldn't figure it out, nor my local Best Buys where I'm pretty much become friends with one of their Geek Squad members who plays MMOs from time to time. He was surprised that STO was doing this and he checked my laptop and didn't see any problems.

I log in with safe mode, lowest resolution possible (which is sad..) and no matter what, I always crash.

Any help is welcomed but if one can post anything in the simpliest of steps that would be great, I'm a tad out of touch after my vacation and the jet lag is killer haha.

*Please note: The crazyness of getting back from a vacation might lead me to post replies at random times*

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