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# 1 Broken Wings
08-17-2012, 08:14 PM
~*Broken Wings*~ Still strong enough to cross the ocean with.

We are a small fleet with a big heart~ LGBT Friendly, We have been a fleet for several months now, we have fun and active members thusfar, We hope that anyone who is also kind of heart and talkative will join us in our venture across the stars. ( Was watching Crest of the Stars when I wrote this )

Please also see our KDF fleet ( Click Here )

Current Joining Requirements

We believe in freedom, and a care free environment. While we are a small fleet and could always use the help, we understand the fact that not everyone has the time between their own goals and the fleet goals. As such, no one is required to contribute to the fleet in anyway whatsoever.

Except following the rules of course, which will be listed below. We appreciate and reward active and talkative members. While I do promote those that contribute significantly to the fleet bank or StarBase. I prefer to see members that like to be social with the fleet rather than ones that are never heard or seen.


  • 1. Respect all Players and Fleet Members.
... This includes members not in the fleet. To avoid drama. Please keep note of rules 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8.
  • 2. Be active, high inactivity will result in removal.
... This is only applicable when the in-game roster has become full.
  • 3. No Sexism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Racism, etc.
  • 4. No Sexually Explicit Language.
  • 5. No spam, harassment, or stalking.
  • 6. No trolling.
  • 7. No suggestive language/hitting on members. ( See also, Rule #3 )
  • 8. Watch your language. We have younger members.
  • 9. All new recruited members should join the Broken Wings channel.
  • 10. If you aren't sober/of sound mind, please don't sign in game.
... This rule was due to a few issues with intoxicated members causing a lot of problems frequently and ultimately being removed from the fleet.

All those that are interested in our little fleet, please leave me a PM on the forums or VIA mail system in game Mewi@mewi and do not hesitate to join the Broken Wings channel "Broken Wings"

StarBase Projects and Upgrades

  • Currently in search for wonderful members able to farm Dilithium regularly.
  • KDF Fleet Members, for "Shattered Wings" needs a lot of help and advancement. Meant for an alt dump, but it can't hurt to make it a full fledged fleet.
  • If you wish to buy something from the StarBase stores, you will need to first contact me for temporary access.
  • Please don't feed the Tribbles, we have been having an issue with keeping them under control.


  • Currently we are well stocked. But please feel free to donate what you can.
  • Also, take what you please, but please lets not get greedy ^.~


We need members to recruit regularly. We have some general ideas of how to recruit.

  • 1. Please avoid sending random ninja invites to the fleet.
  • 2. I have found that whispering them personally and asking if they want to join or not, is a very effective recruiting means.
  • 3. Please be aware that certain lower level members do not have access to the ability to whisper you back. You can also use local chat or check for veteran passive skill under their portrait to make sure.
  • 4. Do not harass a potential recruit member ;p
  • 5. I can't point this out enough, please make sure they join the Broken Wings channel, ask me or a moderator to invite them personally if they are having issues. The reason behind this is, we have a KDF fleet side and this is a global channel and if new members do not join they will see nothing but a dead inactive fleet chat.
  • 6. Occasional zone chat recruitment messages are okay, but please avoid sending more than one every 5-10 minutes.

Tell your Friends (''\( ',...,' )/'')___/RAWR)

We also have a signature you can place in your forum signature ( Click Here ) Every bit of advertisement helps ;3

~Take Care and Happy Hunting Fleeties~

| Join Date: January 2009 | Computer | Fleet: Broken Wings |

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