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Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
The problem with escorts is the ridiculous amount of damage they do coupled with the tac team shield balance ability AND omega attack ridiculous bonuses.

Science nor engineering have anything remotely close to this. To make it worse, tactical consoles stack since they are % based.. most engineering and science consoles are not so they get diminished returns.

And, while tactical consoles need only slot for the damage type they use, science and engineering have to pick and choose which one stat each they can really boost hard...out of four+ critical ones the ship needs to survive. Shields? Armor? Resists? Heals?

To make matters even worse, the escorts get access to the remove-effect heals with the ensign and Lt slots so even a cmdr rank science attack or engineering attack is 'removed' by using an ensign ability.

overall escorts are the focus of this game: dps. Its what the devs are gearing the game for and catering to the direct damage portion of the game. Back before F2P a science ship was deadly if spec'd right. A cruiser was ungodly hard to kill if spec'd right. Today both sci and engineer ships have no real role or niche. Its been all replaced and focused to damage via guns.

Its just bad, bad game design. I would be ashamed to have my name in the credits of this game really.
Just one minor thing, atleast last time I checked it. Nearly everything in this game, all consoles included, stack in a linear manner on the base. If tac console 1 adds 100 dps, so will console 2, 3, 4, etc. If +skill console adds 100 damage to a skill, or 100 healing, so will console 2, 3, 4 etc. It even applies to armor consoles except for a built in diminishing returns that doesn't really factor in until you start to get close to 50% resist. In addition, if cannon scatter volley adds 200 dps with 1 tac console, it will still only add 200 dps with 5 consoles as it is determined by the base weapon damage and will only go up if the weapon's mark possibly rarity is increased and are not effected by +dmg mods to the weapon last I checked. On a side note this is also why +damage fails to perform as well as +crit/+acc because it does not scale as well with abilities even though it looks right on paper.

The only things that 'break' this rule are ones that effect crit chance/damage, and target resist debuffs. This is also why ground combat is so 'spikey' in play because of how high crit chance/damage and expose damage tacked on can get with -resists. It is also why any escort not packing AP:B 3 annoys me in STFs. Nothing like giving a gate -200ish resists with abilities and watching it melt in seconds.

I do have to give cryptic props for that. Most RPGs let everything multiply and it gets downright silly *cough* Dablo 3 *cough* and STO avoid that for the most part.

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