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Really, the title kinda says it all. Do you all think we'll have, on the Fed-side, a cruiser type-ship that has a Lt. Cmdr Science, lockbox ships not counting?

This isn't me whining about not having it, or anything else, but really an honest question. I KNOW we have the Odyssey, I know we can use it for a sci-heavy build. I'm not asking for an 'ultimate' cruiser or anything, just...a further science heavy one, as an alternative to the massive Odyssey.

All I am curious about is, will there be a ship like that eventually? Something like this would suit me just fine:

Cmdr Engineering
Lt. Cmdr Sci
Lt. Engineering
Lt. Tac
Ensign anything (I don't really care what it is, sci, tac, engineer, or universal)

Along with pretty much your standard tier 5 cruiser stats. 39k hull, slow turn rate, good enough shields, plenty of crew, etc.

I generally like having more specialized ships honestly. Versatility is all well and good, but if I see a universal slot, I know pretty much what I'll use it for: Cover a ship's weakness to a degree.

Plus, there are Escorts and sci ships who both each have Lt. Cmdr abilities in a different area, along with 'pure' builds of their own class. Not counting Lockbox ships of course.

Here's a quick breakdown of them.

For sci-vessels:

Pure science: LSSV-R
Tactical heavy: Fleet Science Vessel Retrofit (but not the normal retrofit)
Engineering heavy: Atrox, D'Kyr, Nebula-R, Research Sci-vessel retrofit (and all fleet versions there of)

For escorts:

Pure Tactical: Defiant-R (and fleet version). Aquarius Escort (and fleet version) could also fit in this category as well.
Science heavy: Multi-vector, and fleet Advanced Escort.
Engineering heavy: Heavy Escort Carrier (and fleet version)

For cruisers:

Pure engineering: Exploration Cruiser Retrofit (and fleet version)
Tactical heavy: Excelsior-R, Sovy-R
Science heavy: The closest currently outside of the Odyssey is the normal Star Cruiser (and fleet version).

So, there we are, every ship class with the one exception, has a variation, at least one, which does indeed allow you to usually have the Lt. Cmdr of your choosing on it.

Again, I'm not trying to whine about wanting a new science heavy cruiser or anything now that the Sovy-R is out, I'm just bringing out that; I don't think everyone would want to be forced to fly an Odyssey just to have a Lt. Cmdr sci on a cruiser. I know people do, and want to, but at least this ship would give you a choice.

Heck, if they just changed the Fleet Star Cruiser to have the BOFF layout as above, and I'd be perfectly happy with just that.

In closing, again, this isn't begging and whining for a new ship, more along the lines of...what if we were. So, what do you all think if this were to happen?

Please don't tell me to just 'fly and Odyssey', because if I did and stuck with it, would I have made this thread?


1. Basically, there's no cruiser with a Lt. Cmdr Sci, excluding the Odyssey.
2. I point out all the ships that do have a Lt. Cmdr in other areas on all ships except for a sci-Lt. Cmdr on a cruiser.
3. I'm curious what you think, especially if it was viable.


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