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Ok so I have an antiproton beam array mk XII [Acc] [CrtH] [Borg] on my LRSVR. In space, when I pull up my ship config, the base damage from the beam array is 227.4 damage.

When I add an antiproton mag regulator mk xi console (base increase 26.2% ap damage), my beam array jumps to 253.

When I add a second antiproton mag regulator mk xi, then the AP damage goes to 280.

What I don't understand is, even with one console, shouldn't the increase be 26.2%? Instead, I went from 227 -> 253 (which is only a 11.5% increase).

I don't understand why the increase was not 26.2%. I do realize that additional consoles have diminishing returns, but I would expect one console to give more than an 11.5% increase?

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