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This has been happening for quite some time now, a sci captain uses nanoprobe infestation, the infestation spreads to the enemy then starts afflicting allies too.

At first i believed this to be intended, but now think otherwise (heck if sci nanoprobes infect allies, engineer's bombs should blast team mates too huh?..)

What I've noticed is abilities/items that temporarily "change the allegiance" of the target makes the enemy you targeted an "ally" though still an enemy.

Player 1, Orion female uses seduce on tactical drone.
Tactical drone changes allegiance and attacks Worker Drone.
Science captain, releases infestation on worker drone.
Infestation afflicts worker drone, spreads to Tactical drone.
Tactical drone still seduced then has nanoprobe infestation pass on to Orion female.
From female to rest of the team.

This is my best guess as to why infestation finds itself 'attacking' allies when used.

Known abilities that 'change allegiance':

Orion male/Female ability "Seduce"
Shard of possibilities Item

Known Missions that cause effect:
KDF "Second Star on the Right..." (When fighting a captain, as you lower his hp he becomes an "ally" so you can talk to him whilst he refuses to assist, if he is infected before/during the fight the infestation passes to your allies)

Any feedback if people have noticed the same, or think I'm a babbling loon is most welcomed. A definite fix for nanoprobe infestation would be even more welcomed .
((i think this is in the correct forum, sorry if it isn't)

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