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# 1 When the War Began remastered
08-19-2012, 11:31 AM
Remastered "When The War Began" and Anti time story arc

My very first Foundry mission, which was published the same week the Foundry first went live, "When The War Began" has been remastered to tie into a larger meta plot called the "Anti time war".

The Mirror Universe version of my New Australia story arc began a meta plot involving the Temporal cold war and the use of Anti time as a weapon of mass destruction by forces in the temporal cold war.

Both the mirror universe and the prime universe are effected by it. My older story arcs are all being resmastered to incorporate this meta plot as an involved reason to replay them with this twist.

"When the war began" The Darkness war brings" and "The Invasion of Hell" are the original over a year old arc of New Australia missions; "When the War Began Again", "The Darkness Ellie Brings", and soon "The Other Side Of Dawn" are the mirror versions, part 3 waiting for Tholians to be added to Foundry.

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