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Carpe Aevum Incognita!
Sieze the Unknown Passage of Time!

We are inviting starship captains, veterans and new ones all alike, to join the fleet of the Temporal Empire!

We are a respectful, friendly, laid-back, play-centric group. [And by respectful, we simply follow Wheaton's Law.] We run nightly STF and fleetmark runs and frequent PvP, both ground and space. We are a small, tight fleet looking to expand and live out the game to the new frontiers. We do not require much of your time or contribution to fleet projects. However, we are particularly looking for experienced STFers and quick new learners as we'd like to build up a base of solid fleet-only STF runs!

The Temporal Empire has a complete Tier 1 Starbase [upgrade coming soon!], Tier 2 Communications Array, Tier 1 Transwarp Array [upgrade coming soon!], Tier 1 Shipyard (Military), and Tier 1 Industrial Fabricator (Engineering). We're currently grinding Engineering Projects for a Tier 2 Fabricator.

Our fleet bank is regularly stocked with rare and very rare gear and weps, ground and space, mostly for Admiral levels but any needed low level uncommon and rare gear is open to request. Consumables are stocked for ease of access for those components and regenerators and batteries, etc which one may not have the time to obtain otherwise.

We currently have no level requirements and all are welcome. If you are in need of help or have any questions, any online officer would be happy to assist.

Respect is to be shown by all and shown to all, in-fleet and out-of-fleet -- but it should be noted, we have no other obligations, contribution or otherwise. We promote based on guild activity, loyalty, character, and contribution to starbase projects. More promotions will be available with more members.

Check out The Temporal Empire Hub at! On our forums, you can also find a list of our authorities who can recruit you at earliest opportunity.

So join us on our conquest of time, The Temporal Empire! Carpe Aevum Incognita!
Vulcan Science Officer -- Captain of the I.F.D. Gallifrey [Tholian Recluse]
Ambassador of The Order Of Gallifrey // Representative of the 1701 Renegades

"Be the person your dog thinks you are."

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