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08-20-2012, 11:29 AM
Originally Posted by kirash1979 View Post
It means there is something between your computer and Cryptic's servers that is causing packet data loss. I think we can safely assume that since everyone is having the same issue, the problem is on Cryptic/Perfectworld's end.

I'll even venture to assume that everyone's tracert to are all timing out at the same point.
Intriguing. My tracert to timed out at line 14 to 30. Not sure if this might help, but I did notice something curious about said tracert. Lines 1 through 6 ranged from 6ms to 22ms (in first column), 7ms to 23ms in the second and third columns; while line seven read 17ms, 18ms, 18ms. Then, on line eight, it jumped up to 144ms, 205ms, 215ms. Then from 30ms to 53ms, for all the remaining lines until timeout at line 14 onwards.

The tracert for also had a big spike at line eight, reading 68ms, 220ms, 243ms. Then fluctuated between 28ms to 47ms, until line 15 (last line of that tracert).

I'd very much like to know if others have been getting similar results?
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