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# 1 No Blue Engine Lines
08-20-2012, 11:43 AM
Hello everyone,

I've been having a problem since I installed Star trek Online again after deleting it a few months ago. I can't see my blue engine lines anymore. When I press the full impulse button, I do see the red ones. Also when I'm in warp, I see nothing, just a ship flying around whithout the blue or red lines. I do see lines behind a ship when someone has like a borg console or a special shield. Does anyone know what to do? I have already tried to update my driver, and already did a scan before starting up the game. I might try to reinstall it, but thought I'd first ask here, cause that usually takes a bit longer. Oh and last thing, I normally just download the game but this time downloaded it by using bitt torrent, could this be it?


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