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08-20-2012, 02:25 PM
I have a few changes i would like to see made to the game:

1. Allow us to drop out of red alert with a command after combat is finished instead of waiting for the system to automatically do it.

2. Create a fleet marks to doff system. Make a conversion system where players can donate fleet marks they earn to get a doff and while putting in the fleet marks they get fleet credits. However this system should only be made for use for fleets trying to get doff's for their starbase projects. Like lets say you need a purple doff for a starbase project you could make that purple doff cost 20000 fleet marks so everyone in the fleet could donate the fleet marks to get the doff for the project and when the required amount of fleet marks have been given the doff automatically gets donated.

3. Change how pve events are done. Like create new categories for all of them where if you are a level 50 player and you want to play with your tier 3 ship on a klingon pve mission allow the player to use their tier 3 ship in that mission with other players who have a tier 3 ship. (just make mark # restrictions for what ever tier ship the player is using) And give special rewards to players if they do that.

4. On the tour the universe event give fed players extra rewards if they use diplomatic immunity to go into the Omega Leonis sector block and go through all the sectors. And to balance this on the klingon side give a bonus to players that use raiding party and that go through the Omega Leonis sector block twice.

5. Have an automatic renewal option on the exchange so when the items expire they are automatically put back up at the same price.

6. Create an option to donate bridge officer candidates to starbase projects or allow us to convert bridge officers into duty officers that are in their field.

7. Once a player reaches level 50 create some type of expertise exchange or reward system so that the expertise the player earns is actually used for something or make the expertise requirements for fleet projects a lot more then 20000. An example of making the expertise useful could be an expertise to some type of item or in game currency of the players choosing, (some type of ratio). Or the more expertise a player has the more rewards they get or the better reward. Or get more energy credits for recycling an item.

8. Create a better way to compare our items and bridge officers and bridge officer candidates. ( i would like to be able to see there skills side by side instead of constantly switching back and forth.

9. When a player is level 50 make the item from an item reward pack at least a green mark 10 or higher.

10. Allow us to use GPL to purchase items on the exchange. (as of right now there really is no point to gpl except for getting the achievements)

11. combine the small medium and large items into one that scale with level.

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