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08-20-2012, 09:28 PM
Originally Posted by cmdrskyfaller View Post
My questions would be:

1- When is pet AI going to be worked on again? The first time it removed a major bug in them (team-mates sending orders to pets) but messed up the means of the carrier to control the pets (the 'carrier constantly sending order to pet' plus pets not returning to carrier asap when ordered to recall but rather they crawl... AND the bird of prey idiotic minute-long side-trips to target which makes them almost useless).

This is a CRITICAL issue and so far I have not seen any effort or comment from the dev team to address it. For Q's sake you released two new carriers since then and the pets are still fubar. Please fix them (and do so LISTENING to the playerbase).

2- Lobi. Account-wide. When? This design decision has earned ye a triple /facepalm with the entire playerbase.

3- Why do we need to have an empty character slot to use the foundry? You're shooting yourselves in the foot by denying access to a feature where players create content for you... for FREE. Don't cost you a penny.

4- Tier 1 ships allowed into shuttle-events (Vault, etc). Can it be done? It'd give the little iconic ships everyone loves a playground. -or- make a new event for them. Time travel into the past type mission? Mmm
You will have to re-post your questions in the September Ask Cryptic Thread, when BranFlakes creates it in the last week of this month,...
Otherwise you'll never get an Official answer. (at least not here anyway)
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