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Just trying to put a few "Old Chestnuts" back on Cryptic's Radar.

These are things I know people want the game to have, or at least an explanation of why we cant have them:

1/ Amazon/ZStore Borg Boff should have accsess to the infected skin type.
2/ EMH Needs to be customiseable, preferably with an option to keep his unique holo overlay over a diffrent uniform.
3/ Diplomatic Cross faction Boffs should have option for Adopted faction Uniform!
4/ Option to change Romulan/Jem Hadar/Breen (not sure on this last one) uniforms.

Feel free to add to this list.

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08-20-2012, 12:28 PM
agreed.......the Reman boff all of these should be customizable, the only new boffs that have been customizable were the vets who only a minority received, and the Android vet reward that was amazing, but needed some love as promised with other than the engineer class.
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08-20-2012, 11:54 PM
Boffs just need more love...

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