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08-21-2012, 01:44 AM
So I recently decided to liven things up in STO, and do something really bloody stupid. I took my Peregrine fighter out with my Lvl50 Tac.

Interestingly she did all right as. Doing a Aid a Defari patrol mission I only died once, and that was to the last cruiser. So maybe this wasn't as silly as it sounds. I suspect if nothing else it will make me a better player, as I'll have to use the universal abilities to better effect, as I hardly ever touch them these days.

However I'm always looking for helpful advice on improving my ship.

So a rough run down:
Phaser DHC's front
Full Aegis set (takes my Defence to 80-85%).
Devidian device thingy (more defence value!)
Thunderchild point defence console (Phaser + More shooty)
Two Phaser boost consoles.

An alternate idea was Polaron DHC's and a full Jem Hadar set, although that would only up my damage and decrease my survivability.
I am thinking maybe Quad Phaser cannons, pull the point defence for something else and a torp up front.

But now we come onto the Bridge officer, and we have some options. I tried mask energy signature. The Idea being that if there's Frigates or multiple enemies, I zap one of those so he's not shooting at me then spank the other two.
However I'm not so sure about that now.
Interestingly I can get the full defence value with 25 power to engines, leaving a surprising amount for shields or Aux, so I could have a semi-effective Aux based power.

So thoughts on the Bridge officer or other load outs please.

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