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Lt. Commander
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Srsly now i am to old to write on forums

But look into fed escort carrier

It got 3x tac 1 enginer 1 sci

The problem is that it got both lt commander tac and enginner making the ship cookie cutter dps and heavyweight tank at the same time

On top of that it got the annoying tractor pets CCing the **** out of us!!!!!

Now if this isnt OVERPOWER then what is it?

Srsly now that ship in federation side is the MOST OP ship into game

Call me lier?

Pen and papper plz write down fed escort stats including its boffs weapons and hangar bay then try to find another ship in the game that got simillar stats boffs weapons and hangar

YOU wont find.

So i kindly ask Devs not to nerf the federation escort ship but to give us (KDF) a same or a simillar ship that got both lt comm tac and enginner and got 7 weapons and hangar bay also and those tractor pets also plz.

Srsly i cant stand up against those fed escort carrier no matter how good i play if the fed pilot is experienced as me.

Before tell me l2p come challenge me in a private challenge if you win then i go to l2p.

So when i tell you that federation ship is OP it means its very very very OP in the right hands.

Plz give us KDF a simillar escort carrier

You dont have to create a new ship model just look into lower tier BOP's and use what looks best.....

If you plan to make it weaker than fed escort carrier cause of non combat cloack?

Skip the cloack we dont need cloack we got BOP's for that


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