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# 1 Improving Sector Space Speed
08-21-2012, 07:40 AM
I am looking at ways to improve my sector space speed to give me a better shot during Tour the Universe. So far the following is what I have tried below.

Borg Engines
Maco Engines
Omega Engines

The Maco engines provides higher warp speed than Borg and Omega. The Omega cuts my Slip Stream Drive down from 2 minutes to just 1 minute cool down. The Borg engines were about the same level as the Omega but without the slip stream drive cool down reduction.

Currently my driver coils are 6 out of 9 (wish I would have not maxed out batteries and maxed out driver coils instead).

Using my NX as a test bed (I dont use her for any combat anymore so plan on using her for Tour the Universe) I compared her speeds to my Galaxy class. My Galaxy class with slipstream mode enabled with Maco Mk XI impulse engines I was able to obtain a Transwarp speed of 29.15. Which is not bad I was able to do Tour the Universe almost 3 complete times. My NX how ever was granted Raiding Party by a friendly guy in game and with the Maco Mk XI engines with transwarp she was moving in sector space at Transwarp 34.16. I like this speed but the next day when I logged in to do some training and see if I could cut my tour down from 20 minutes to maybe 19 or 18 minutes I noticed the Raiding Party trait was gone.

So now my question is what can I do that will improve my warp speed in sector space that will not just disappear after I log out for the night?

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