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After running another batch of ESTF's and coming up empty on the Prototype Borg Tech, I started thinking of ways (short of bumping up drop rates) to better get the Mk XII set pieces in the hands of captains than relying on blind luck.

The answer's staring me in the face, and the mechanics already exist in-game: use the Vault/Reman set upgrade process. Instead of Reman Datalogs, we could use EDC's or Borg Salvage to grind till we could upgrade via the doff missions. This way, they don't have to create anything new or adjust the drop rate for the tech in the loot tables and would still keep the Mk XII gear difficult to obtain (due to the cooldown timers and resource cost). Add a chance of failure to the upgrade doff missions, which might require even more EDC grinding.

Heck, I'd be up for the Lobi Store upgrade method for the Tholian set.

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