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08-21-2012, 12:22 PM
Originally Posted by trueprom3theus View Post
I think what you say makes the ship even better, lol.
The original poster claimed the Armitage has BOTH an Lt commander tactical and engineering slot. I don't see how replacing a Lt commander slot with a Lt and an Ensign slot makes the ship even better. Especially considering the many players who complain that 'the third ensign slot is useless on a cannon boat'.
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08-22-2012, 04:29 AM
Whatever still the ship is OP with or without lt com tactical. It got 3 tac it wont miss the lt commander it already got plenty of tac slots and lt commander egninner. I am telling you the ship is op but i dont ask to nerf it cause fed kids will cry out i just ask to give us kdf excactly the same ship so we can stand up somehow in fight and when it tractor us we can tracor back.

I dont rly want an anti carrier vessel i just want the same escort carrier with the same bloody pet just with the different cool KDF look.

Thats all plz give and take my money or keep ignoring klingon demands and loose a lot of customers over time. If klingon dies then federation wont have an decent enemy to pvp with.
Yeah we are here to entertain ur precious federation kids and we are doing more with less.

Last time i say this:

We need a GOOD raptor/destoryer carrier that got 1 hangar bay and we need also those tractor pets nothing else can make this up for that ship federation got.

I dont believe it that all the KDF havent notice how much powerfull the federation escort carrier is

Also i dont believe how greedy is PWE for letting so much powerfull ship to hit the holodeck.

Dont be greedy cause eventually u will loose all.

Either nerf the bloody pets or the ship or both or give us the same ship with same pets

Listen to me and win dont listen to me and destroy balance between 2 factions and eventually destroy this fine game cause of greed!
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08-22-2012, 05:03 AM
Originally Posted by thibash View Post
The original poster claimed the Armitage has BOTH an Lt commander tactical and engineering slot. I don't see how replacing a Lt commander slot with a Lt and an Ensign slot makes the ship even better. Especially considering the many players who complain that 'the third ensign slot is useless on a cannon boat'.
I know what the original post said, however, think how much tankier the armitage gets with a Lc engi. You can swap an eps3 in it, aux to id if you want faster turns or aux to struct if you want hull heal and damage resistance. Agree, this comes at the expense of either dps (if you want 2 omegas then you need to use 2 crf 1) either mobility (using crf 3 will leave you with an omega or if you want crf 2 and 3 no omega at all, but other than being tractored, aux to id is also great for mobility and Anti-move debuff).

So, it may change the play style for some people, but there are work arounds, and definitely the Lc engi makes the ship tougher. I would not say the Lc engi is useless, whoever says that should either get another ship, either adapt to the bo layout armitage has. You can also slot some turn consoles in it, since there is plenty space (engi console slots), lol, and you also turn like a king, lol. Armitage is a pretty tough ship in the right hands.

Edit: or, you can also put a dem2 in the Lc engi slot, and as a tac cpt, that's pretty good hull damage bonus increase when you buff it with apa and/or gdf and/or attack patterns.
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08-22-2012, 05:18 AM
I think it is rather logical that once Starfleet introduces a ship like the Armitage, the Klingon Defense Forces will react.

To keep costs down for the development of a Klingon Escort Carrier, use an existing Raptor skin if required (although a new skin would be nice, sure), and just copy the boff layout from the Armitage.

The effort to code this should be rather low, and would certainly be paid off by the KDF players who buy it.

Edit: Regarding the tractor beam pets, though... the KDF have several very unique pets, including two classes of frigates... I use them with some success against the Danubes by just setting my BoP pets on Intercept.
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08-22-2012, 06:19 AM
What sucks is not that kdf doesn't have an escort carrier, is the fact it doesn't have a proper escort on pair to new fed escorts. I think this should be addressed first.
Hear! Sons of Kahless
Hear! Daughters too.
The blood of battle washes clean.
The Warrior brave and true.
We fight, we love, and then we kill...
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08-22-2012, 07:09 AM
Originally Posted by trueprom3theus View Post
What sucks is not that kdf doesn't have an escort carrier, is the fact it doesn't have a proper escort on pair to new fed escorts. I think this should be addressed first.
This ^


Devs you there?

I want to pay RL money to buy kdf escort carrier NOW PLZ!

We dont have a decent KDF escort class ship! Raptors are a joke with that crap turnrate and crap shields

The new ''destroyer'' fleet scourge ship is also crap if u ask me.

This is ur best chance to fix things finally

Give us a decent escort ship with a hangar bay give us tractor pets also and give federation our unique pets to compensate things

I dont ask something unreal give us the bloody escort carrier that we kdf so badly need and give federation 1 of our unique pet if you give us their unique tractor pets.

All will be happy and company will make some more money

That is ur goal right? i dont see any reason why u shouldnt make it happend

Even for ship model you dont have to make a new model just used the low tier bird of prays or raptors

So nice models are wasted put them into some good use and get rich

Do i have to moan more to give us kdf a decent escort so we can have some fun all 2gether?

I got rly bored flying my bortasq and my karfi and my BOP nowdays feels very weak with all the OP escorts and tractors you gave to federation

I got big patience but at somepoint it will run out and i go back to EvE.....


Yeah we got no content but we where supposed to be pvp faction and now you give OP escort ships to federation so what is exactly our role into the game? Entertain the feds and no fun for us?

I bet we will entertain them better if you give us some decent escorts we only got decent cruisers and kar fi carrier only and thats all.
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08-23-2012, 05:16 AM
Ok sorry to post again but i want to know if the company that takes the decisions is planing to give us a decent escort class ship.

Not nessecarily carrier escort but something with decent turn rate decent survival good dmg and good burst and somehow immunity to tractor pets!!!!

Or hangar bay and tractor pets or just the hangar bay

Before i spent more time into the game because i play lots of hrs per day this game cause i rly like it i MUST know if PWE is taking consideration federation only and dont care about KDF anymore

I must know because i am an kdf fanatic yeah i play KDF ONLY because i like their lore and their ship design

But after the ship u gave to federation i start to believe you dont care for us
Its so much OVERPOWER i fight it every day and i either flee to survive the beating or i die and if i win it was prolly a noob pilot with vii green gear and guns

With a decent pilot/build federation escort is so much OVERPOWER and whoever say otherwise is a CENSORED

We want also something as much OVERPOWER as the fed escort OR ''fix''(nerf) the fed escort.

Srsly now how did you let that ship come into live?

with 3x tac and a lt commander and a sci officer and 7 weapon slots 4x tac slots and on top of all that 17 turn rate when our raptors got only 15 turn rate and on top of that they gave it a HANGAR BAY and on top of that they gave those damn TRACTOR pets.

some said it got weak shield and hull? I think it got better shield and hull than raptor or destroyer i think. Even it got weak on stats with a lt commander engineer and commander science it just doesnt die!!!!

Srsly now facts speak from themselfs that ship is OP either fix it or give us something to compensate we are customers also we pay also with RL money and we pay lots of money(at least me)

Now dont take this as whining or moaning take it as a petition from an unsatisfied customer.

Dont make OP ship just to take money u destroy the game

Or if you are so much greedy give both sides OP ships so we can compensate.

Yeah i am very mad that ship is extremely annoying OP ownage we need a fleet to take it down it does a lot of dmg its turn rate its as good as our best destroyer turn rate and it got a hangar bay and lt commander engineer!!!!

I am getting pissed when i see so much OPness coming into the game in the name of greed so either NERF! or give us the same ship pretty much just with different skin!

Will you give us a decent small size ship or you will let us with the silly raptors , destoryers?

And the most weak stats ship in the game the little BOP's.....but at least i like them more cause of decent turnrate thats why i own a BOP but none raptor/destroyer.

I mean i can make my vorcha turn as good as a raptor/destroyer with 2x RCS consoles......

Not that 30 turnrate is good enough for pvp but just saying...........


If you care about KDF reply me and tell me when and what ship you will give to us so i know if i will stay into game or just say goodbay once and for all.

Companies that care only for a portion of their customers soon or later are getting hated from their customers even the ones that was favoured due to lack of competition.

Not saying that i hate you i rly like STO its a very good game and it got much more potential to expand but if commanding company is greedy you will eventually fail the game and shut it down without even reaching its true potential.

If you keep ignoring KDF demands yes me and a LOT of kdf players will learn about this and WILL hate you.

just saying...... 15 and 17 turn rate is not good for a small dps craft

especially for crafts that DOESNT have hangar bay and tractor pets!

We want to be viable also and with out current raptors/destroyers we are NOT!!!!
Since those ships doesnt have tractor pets and hangar bays and lack survival also they gotta have at least a decent turn rate so we can keep out guns pointing at enemy instead of empty space and enemy is riping our side or rear shields or keeping us tractored all the time and have fun with our rear shields and we just sit around and watch them eat us!!!!!

I got fed of that ENOUGH!!!!


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08-23-2012, 07:34 AM
I think this would be a cool idea i'd buy it. Personally i think it would be neat to make it a Gorn ship ... you could even reuse the gorn escourt skin and make the stats the same as the Armatige . I'd be all over that thing like flies on Targ.
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# 29
08-23-2012, 07:51 AM
Originally Posted by reginamala78 View Post
You have bops, the kar'fi's frigates, and (especially) siphon pods. There are arguments to be made for a kdf escort carrier (though you get a flight deck cruiser in exchange, plus the only free carrier), but the 'our pets aren't as good' is too easy to shoot down.
Not really. You can run away from the drones. No matter how many hold resists I have, I can't avoid the tractor chains. I'd be happy to swap with you. Deal?
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08-23-2012, 09:36 AM
Have to agree with Most in here. I have the Arm on my Fed And play KDF aswell. I can say the Escrt Carrier isnt all that with a skilled player on them.

And i have Killed ALOT of Arm aswell. And im not Skilled!

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