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# 1 Some wishes
08-22-2012, 08:24 AM
Hello to the community,

well this is my first entry here and from right on I have to commit that I am not an every day player. I can manage the basics but I never got really deep into the handling.

The game itself is great, I love it. It is the only online game I have played for so long now and I am spending a lot of Zen Points in the game.

I don't know if a Dev reads this, but I have some questions/wishes for the game.

1.) I would like to have access to the Exchange from my maine hub. Not just Credits/Dilithium Exchange, I mean the whole stuff.

2.) Speaking of the Exchange, like I said I am not an experienced gamer and I am not really into flying aroud for hours and doing missions a few times to collect a few items.

Would it be possible, maybe even just for Gold Members (and to convince people to become Gold Members) to buy special items like those Ship Equipment Sets or any other items I do only get through heavy crafting. I would by those things instantly, even for a higher Credit/Dilithium price just to avoid those hour long searching and crafting.

3.) Would love to have the New Orleans class. It seems this ship has 3 torpedo ramps shooting forward and backward at the same time.

4.) The possibility to buy more console slots for each Tac, Sci, Eng. Not to make the ship ?berpowerful but to lower the player's preasure.

Well I think those were my wishes for now. Sorry if some things sound stupid to most of the players.

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