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08-22-2012, 11:16 PM
Originally Posted by jumpingjs View Post
I am refering to space When I am facing Donatra I have many "Anti-cloak" and one "Detect" cloak abilitys. They are:
Metron Gas
Eject Warp plasma
Tachyon Detection Field
Ionized Gas Sensor

THEY DO NOT WORK what so ever
Can anyone or even a Dev etc explain why they lose thier purpose, I bought these things and I expect them to work
Thanks for your Time
Like said above, the Scimitar's cloak is perfect, so it can't be decloaked.

HOWEVER, the effects still work. I know for a fact that the Tracking Torpedo does track the Scimitars while cloaked and you can use that to position yourself. And the various Vents (Plasma, Theta, Metreon) do remain on her while cloaked as well.

Also, there is a known trick that she does not cloak if nobody is within 5 kms of her.

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