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Can we get somebody from Cryptic to share the wisdom and thinking behind creating starbase doffs?

Currently you can buy starbase doff packs for fleet credits. However doffs from those packs:

* cannot be contributed to sb projects
* do not give dil/recruitment xp on dismiss
* yet can still be sold on exchange

Now I do understand that there's certain brain thinning during the summer time but this is just beyond me.

What is the point of white doffs that cannot be used for the very purposes white doffs are used for: grind/dismiss/feed to sb projects? And those doffs look EXACTLY alike normal doffs that can be used for such purposes? (Read good luck buying doffs on exchange, especially those sensor doffs for 500k a piece).

And while I can foresee the "oh people with a lof of credits will buy a lot of doffs" argument, may I remind you that fleet credits do not come out of thin air.
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