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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
I know there's been more than one change to what Graviton Generators did for GW. I thought the last word was that what they would do was extend the radius of the well?

But yes anyways I wouldn't use these powers on the same ship, but maybe he just really really likes them so there you have it.
That is correct. In a thread about Gravity Well (, Borticuscryptic posted the following comment:

Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The primary effect of Graviton Generators is to increase the radius of Gravity Well, not the pull.

GW Rank 1 radius is 2.7km base, or 3.4km with 99 Graviton
GW Rank 2 radius is 2.85km base, or 3.56km with 99 Graviton
GW Rank 3 radius is 3.0km base, or 3.75km with 99 Graviton
When I concurred that it affected the pull, I should have clarified that I meant that they extend the range of Gravity Well (thereby, extending the range of the pull), not that it makes the pull stronger. I edited my previous mark to make that clarification.

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