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I'm new to the game so I'm not sure if this is actually intentional or a bug. I'm in the Romulan storyline quests right now and whenever I fight their ships they all tend to fire heavy plasma torpedos at me. However, half the time those torpedos fly half way to me and then do a 180 and either hit the ship that fired it or one of their allies. I'm playing as a science officer with a olympic class ship and I don't have a sensor jamming ability.
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08-23-2012, 10:00 PM
Hi there, and welcome to Star Trek Online.

The Romulans are a highly aggressive people these days and the xenophobia of certain groups knows no bounds after the shattering of their Empire. Internecine squabbles and infighting... You might think that xenophobia and suspicion has permeated even their weapons systems so that their own heavy weapons don't trust them!

Though more likely, what you are seeing is a bug in torpedo targeting logic. I have seen it happen as well as members of my own fleet. It is a rather comical thing to witness and has been going on for long enough that one would think Cryptic should have caught it (or been notified of it) by now and fixed it.

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