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# 1 Training courses?
08-24-2012, 02:19 AM
Back in winter, we had the...Winter Event. For all the problems and issues that arose from this, it had one thing I really liked:

The race itself.

Now, it was annoying, it had ice physics, and it was a pain to actually WAVE at the dude to start the race.

But, for me, it served as an excellent means to better control my character, get used to when to run, and when not to run.

I feel like there should be things to help you do things better. At least to a point. PvP and PvE skills couldn't really be trained with these, as that more applies to players teaching other players, this is more about the basics and simpler stuff.

For one, these would take place at the two academies, and put some usage to those holodecks there. It's only for ground stuff, because honestly, maneuvering in space is a lot easier.

Onto the actual details:

1. There would be no captain or kit abilities allowed, it's just you and you alone.

2. Basic, Advanced, Elite level courses. Basic would be a little more than the tutorial, letting you take your time, seeing what you are gonna be put through.

Advanced would be more an 'obstacle course', which might have pre-determined check points, so you fail, but only lose so much.

Elite would really challenge a player, make them work at it, possibly even have death traps, forcing you to start from the very beginning. I don't think anything should be determined by timer, but it should have a timer, so people can try to beat their own record.

3. Courses would fall under: Movement, Jumping, Speed, Weapons Combat, All, and probably other things, just can't think of them.

Movement would be more of getting around things, keeping an eye on your environment without involving as much of the other two.

Jumping is pretty much your standard parkour. I can hear the Minecraft players groaning in agony already. Jumping over and around things, etc.

Speed wouldn't so much be a mad dash, as it would be a battle of time, and a bit of instinct, when to run, and when to stop sort of thing. A long hallway filled with traps, very Indiana Jones style.

Weapon combat would basically be a series of short fights against an opponent using a certain weapon, or requiring a certain weapon. Like a basic mission might have you shoot a group of static, weak enemies with a pulsewave assault, but the advanced mission may have a room where a group of Bat'leth wielding Klingons ready and waiting.

All would be...all. A mix of everything together, and how to use it well together. The elite All course essentially is the 'ultimate test' for a person, to see if they can use their skills to topple one doozy of a course. Maybe it is only unlocked by beating the other elite courses, and gives a free, one-time shot of dilithium and a title or other reward as a bit of extra means to want to do it.

4. Fair for all races. Yes, before anybody says anything, Caitains and Ferasans would have a big advantage in the jumping thing...I know. But that's part of BEING one of those characters. Even so, it'd still have to be kept even so that advantage wouldn't be an exploit, while still allowing 'Mr. Blandy McAverageman' to get through it.

5. Make em a dilithium daily. I know it'd be ANOTHER daily, but at least it would be different. Doing one course, a basic, an advanced, and an elite would each be a seperate daily each one giving more than the lower ones, that, or make it one daily, the course not mattering, but giving out a smaller amount to keep it fair.

6. They don't need to look fancy. I wouldn't mind just seeing lots of boxes and such, as long as it wasn't just huge white and blurry shapes that make things lag, I'm good. Basics are the best in this case.

7. By no means are these required at all for anybody to do. It's training, that you, as an (eventual) Starfleet Admiral or KDF General are choosing to take.

I know that this game has very awkward controls on the ground, I really do understand that, and I doubt it'll be addressed anytime in the near future, but at least if we had some training courses, I feel like it would be good to be able to train yourself better.

This idea could even be expanded into the team/fleet role, by having multi-man courses you could run with others, which might reward dilithium and/or fleet marks as well. This would be more about getting team work to go better, such as each person having an assigned role somehow, or otherwise just having to work together for a goal, and serve as training accordingly.

So...if TL;DR...

1. Ground controls are awkward in this game.
2. I'd just like training courses to be able to learn things better.
3. You could earn dilithium from doing them.
4. Different courses, and different difficulties for them.
5. It could be expanded by having team-based courses as well.


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