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08-24-2012, 03:18 AM
Originally Posted by pottsey5g View Post
I think it will take a lot more then that to counter a master transphasic build. Perhaps with 4 healing skills.

I have many who tested it out on some of my tank cruiser builds, they are surprised what little damage they do. I have also tested my own transphasic build and found it depended a good amount on how the target ship is set. Now, VS PVE targets its fairly straightforward, in PVP just depends on the skill of the target and how they have their ships set.

I discuss with my fellow fleet testers,the pro's and cons of fighting such a build. now, keep in mind this is only how I build a super tank (cruiser), which is not for everyone's taste. I have found that transphasic damage can easily be countered by *items removed so as not to give away information in respect to those that have worked hard on their transphasic builds. The leak through damage is easily balanced out without adding any extra healing to the mix for that build. Now the same build does not work on my sci character, simply because of factors oh their class, accolades missing, ship being used, etc.

yet again too, this is from my main, and engineer that has just about ever accolade and has been active since day 1 of live back in feb 2010. He is specifically built to take that kind of damage. As such, his DPS sucks. Just that simple, to be that tanky, you have to give up on something, so the DPS suffers.

And to give credit too, where it is due, I have seen a few transphasic builds that if you are not ready for it in pvp, the target gets the surprise of a lifetime. I have witness a few hit hulls with 6k-10k crits through shields. THAT is nothing to sneeze at folks, and as I said I have witness this first hand from some good builds.

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