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I'm being CONSTANTLY disconnected from BOTH eu1 and eu2 proxy's, i've tried everything to get it to work, from disabling my antivirus to changing my UAC's and it was working fine before THE UPDATE YESTERDAY .

Is there any solution to this?

EDIT: and no my internet is A OK with no faults, down-times, or being slow.

MESSAGE TO CRYPTIC: FIX YOUR SERVERS, we all know its not the customers fault so fix them, stop trying to shift the blame AND FIX THE DAMN THINGS, sooner or later one of us is going to SUE for these faults and none of us REALLY want that

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08-24-2012, 07:14 AM
EU here as well having problems since the patch. I tried switching to a US proxy after reading this thread but that's still giving me CTD when I change sectors. I've been playing since beta and this is the first time I've ever had CTDs like this. No error message comes up because the error box auto closes. At the moment the games become unplayable. Again. Previously it was server connections timing out.
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08-24-2012, 08:37 AM
Is there ANYONE who has a solution to this?

I cannot connect when it says "retrieving list of maps......"

sometimes it brings up the loading screen however it gets stuck at around the 50's to 60's percentage when loading and sometimes it loads but my ship doesn't move and most buttons are frozen, after that it disconnects AGAIN for NO reason.

EDIT: well if my STO doesn't load after i try to login over 5 days then i WILL file an official complaint to cryptic

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