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My fleets aren't very big, so I spend lots of time pre-planning using the STO wiki (basically watching what everyone else is doing), and I'm highly disappointed. If we're going to build something, let's BUILD something!

How would I have done this starbase thing?

1) Raw materials (data samples) is one thing, but why not actually have us building something? Instead of platforms (being done by DOFF system), why aren't we building turrets and torpedo launchers? Instead of having batteries being build aboard ship, why not use those raw materials to build them at Memory Alpha like we do personal consumables? And again I go back to the hanger thing. Hangers over and over again? Individual fighters I can understand, but whole hangers? Instead of buying them, why isn't there a special thing we could be doing at Memory Alpha to build these things?

2) Instead of spending all of our time grinding out Fleet Marks in defense of the station, why not more variety such as missions to take our ships and do puzzles to build parts of the station and outer satellites? Mining for more than just dilithium?

3) Instead of freighters being this Cracker Jack prize, they should be a part of fleet use. In other words we should be able to buy or even rent them from our starbases given a finished enough base to begin with, and then they should be used for hauling freight, namely instead of instantly beaming materials across the galaxy they should be stored somewhere and we should be responsible for ferrying the materials to their respective locations.

4) You made Specials to be a way for large fleets to keep up with their needs for fleet credits, however most if not all of them also have a component that could be been exploited for storyline and adjusting the "theme" of the starbase. Diplomatic: Finishing the assignment could add temporary decor to the starbase, welcoming all to Federation territory. Trade Mission: Temporary trader from the Gamma Quadrant for the buying and selling of goods. Displaced Refugees: Temporary addition of civilian garbed visitors in the lounge area of the station, perhaps even with mini-missions (i.e., put out the cooking fire, catch children running amok, etc.). Involuntary Labor Colony: Slaves packing the brig with missions to transport them elsewhere, complete with possible breakout and on-ship security issues. Not to mention (and yes, I have to mention this), how is it "confiscating contraband" when we're giving you the contraband as well as the security? Isn't it more like "transport contraband" or "protect contraband"? Makes no sense.

While I would agree that I'm one of those players that could potentially nit-pick something to death, I don't think I'm being unreasonable in expecting to be able to help with the contruction of a station in some fashion. The way it's implemented here is nothing more or less than a boring gather it all and wait around scenario, which seems more like the area of Ferengi than of Starfleet or even Klingons.

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