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08-24-2012, 01:07 PM
Originally Posted by krylm View Post
Sharing common traits with another ship and being the refit of another ship are completely different.

Please enlighten me to a T5 ship that doesn't have it's own unique ability? Does that ability also exist on the Dreadnought? I personally am not asking for the ship to be over-powered. I would just call it a reconfiguration of the console and BOFF layout.

Yet another useless response just for the sake of appearing witty...while your response is pretty funny and one of the more original ones you just don't understand.
I rather think I understand the point well enough. People think that having a Cloak and a Phaser Lance on top of what a normal cruiser of its level has is not enough. This despite the fact that this was known to be exactly the ship they were purchasing when they bought it.

This also despite the fact that the ship that is the stablemate to it (the Odyssey-Tactical) also only gets two special abilities (Quantumn Slipstream and Aquarius Escort).

And all of this on a hull that is defined as an upgraded retrofit of the Galaxy Class, and required extensive hull modifications to pull off.

Might as well ask for a new class of ship, as this one seems pretty much where it should be, and the only way it will satisfy people who don't think that is with the modifications I suggested.

But then, I don't -really- understand, do I?

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