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# 1 Rhode Island builds
08-24-2012, 05:07 PM
I bought the Rhode Island and am trying to fit it, would appreciate any input. I'm currently Lt Cmdr Rank 12.

Fore: 2x Blue Phasers
Aft: 2x Blue Phasers

Lt Sci: Tractor Beam I, Tractor Beam Repulsors I
Lt Sci: Science Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II
Ens Tact: Beam Overload I
Ens Eng: Emergency Power to Shields I

Consoles/Devices: Photonic Displacer, shield batteries, plus a mish-mash of stuff I've looted doing missions (nothing significant).

Power Setting: 100/50/25/25 (right now I'm just running missions) (Aux becomes 40 thanks to the ship bonus)

I'd like to be able to do decent damage, but be able to provide control and healing as needed (i.e. earlier today I did the Mirror Universe event and did a lot of shield heals on other people via ST1 and TSS2).

Any suggestions on what might make this build work better? So far it's working really well for my playstyle, but I'm wondering if there's any way to improve it.

Would I do more damage overall if I dropped a blue phaser on each end and put in a Quantum torpedo instead?

I think the biggest thing I'm looking at are weapon choices and my tac officer ability. My science powers seem like the best choice for this ship, and EPTS seems like the only viable engineering power for the build.

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