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08-24-2012, 06:16 PM
Originally Posted by maelwy5 View Post
You could fly in that and be better than 90% of the PUG players I've seen in STFs
Originally Posted by kylesal24 View Post
Hey! Ok, I am a Tac Fed captain and I do mostly PVE so this may help you.
Thanks for all your help! Sorry for the delay in getting back, but I have been playing quite a bit in my free time hah.

I did read through your input and have revised my build to incorporate your suggestions, and also that of kylesal24. Also to answer your question I plan to focus on pure DPS and will want to avoid threat whenever possible. (I'm hoping I find some friends who enjoy tanking instead)

Here is my final draft of the build so far!


Tactical: None
  1. Removed points from Starship Subsystem Repair and Starship Batteries
  2. Added 3 points to driver coil (I hear it's a waste but I just wanted to try it as I was leveling since I don't have any fancy engines hah)
  3. Minor increase in last tier of Engineering skills to follow 3/6 skill pattern
  1. Removed the debuff resistance skills under Science (Now only using the two shield related skills)
Ground: None

Hopefully this will put me in good shape for the challenges to come

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