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# 1 Time for a new look.
08-25-2012, 02:21 PM
Its about time the Devs add more hairstyle and face templates. Puts some hairstyles that were actually used by the famous characters inthe shows. Example: Cpt. James T. Kirk's hairstyles from TOS and the movies; Cmd William Riker's different hairstyle from TNG and the movies; Diana Troy's many hairstyles, Lt Savik different hairstyles. I tried to make my first officer a William Riker character but the current hairstyle available don't make him look quite right. I tried to have my main character look more like me. I have my hair combed back and I don't have a receding hairline, so I wish the was a haircut that has hair slicked back that doesn't come with the balding hairline. Also there needs to be curly hair that reflect big curls like italian like. I have big curly hair not tight african american curly hair. Lt Savik had big curly hair in Star Trek IV.

The Klingons need a huge makeover because currently they don't look canon. In the game they are all dark skinned dreaded haired people. In the shows and movies they come in all shades of complexion, and their hair is poofy or flowing, not dreaded.

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