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# 1 Tractor beam
08-25-2012, 03:15 PM
Another Pandora moment coming... I think the tractor beam is too easy to lock on. Fast moving and agile ships like the BOP are given the kiss of death when trapped by a tractor beam. It should be much more difficult to lock a tractor beam on a shuttle or BOP/Escort than a larger cruiser. The overwhelming majority of death in a BOP for me is when caught in tractor. There are several BOFF abilities that state in the description that they provide IMMUNITY to tractor beam, but they never work against pumped up tractor beams. IMMUNITY is clearly defined in the dictionary, the tractor should not work against those abilities. I have even used the mighty AP Omega in futility against monster tractor beams. In one instance I used AP Omega, Polarize Hull and an Aux Power battery and failed to escape the tractor beam. I was furious. This happens all the time. I am not exaggerating this, I die repeatedly at the hands of tractor beams, and virtually every single fed player uses them as the first point of attack against BOPs. The tractor beam is the most powerful weapon in the game against shuttles, fighters and BOPs. That is just plain silly. A simple adjustment to the tractor beam success roll would be suitable. 100% success against slow, heavy crusiers (which have lots of hull and shields, down to say 50/50 or so against shuttles/BOPs. For heaven's sake if an ability gives you immunity for a lousy ten seconds then look up the definition of immunity, please and make it so!

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