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08-25-2012, 05:24 PM
Protip: You don't need a flashlight if you turn up your screen brightness on the game client to max.
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08-26-2012, 12:12 AM
Many people don't use flashlights because they have really bad cheap monitors or they don't have them setup properly. It's pretty horrid how many people set up their TFTs or how they dno't set them up at all, factory settings a virtually always horrible. So if you see someone running through the mission with no flashlight, pity them for the washed out gray mess with zero contrast they torture their eyes with.

Great guide!
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08-26-2012, 02:11 AM
At high end (cards/settings), when you activate your flashlight, it actually projects a light, into the world from your position, and can make a big difference.

The problem here, is that mid, and low end cards (or settings) can't handle that light being projected from your position. So we fake it, by projecting a brighter texture out, onto objects in front of you. But it doesn't work as well as the actual light. On REALLY low end, you don't see anything I think.

So, since our low end customers essentially don't get a light, I have to make the map bright enough that you can at least see a little bit where ever you go. It sucks on higher end though, because the map isn't dark enough to make the flashlight necessary.
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08-26-2012, 02:14 AM
Why not just turn the lights on??

Theres clearly power down there as they are using the consoles
Emergency lights are a priority like air and gravity

putting the mission in the dark has never seemed particularly a good idea
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08-26-2012, 02:25 AM
I have had zero luck killing the boss in time. there just does not seem enough time to stand much of a chance unless you are text book precise.

also i found to my cost. dont shot the guards from the doorway on stage 3. if you kill them before the timer starts then they dont count to the final score and the mission in not completable.

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08-26-2012, 02:37 AM
Getting the captains Golden Rules

1 No one should leave the start room until EVERYONE is on their feet and at full power.
the Timer does not start until someone (pc or Npc) crosses the doorway

2 Do not under any circumstances pop drones or escorts before you reach the centre
Also do not fortress the start area
EITHER error will lead to guards (and possibly the captain ) wandering off to attack them and thus slowing your kill count

3 on arrival in the ffz take down all guards quickly and effectively do not mess about with holds, skev (skill effect visuals) or fancy melee

4 Guards spawn in ALL quadrants be sure to patrol all of them

5 when option to lower forcefield comes up deploy mines bombs etc before it drops if you can
Dropping the forcefield is a good role for the lowest ranked player present (or a particularly lame VA)

6 Target the character immediately behind the forcefield console thats the captain

7 at this point skev as much as you like , pop as many drones as you like it won't matter

8 specific to Orion female only FEMALES , Saurians , Andorians , Gorn and other creatures immune to seduce should close engage .
Anyone else effected by the chemicals will fire on comrades

Specific to Borg Captain do not close engage at all EVER

Specific to Klingon captains circle straif works poorly on this captain
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# 17 SCI Tank Guide
08-26-2012, 06:54 AM
Flashlight is not need save room for an extra pet or hypos.

Phase 2

Run past the guards.
Don't shoot anything to draw agro.
Only shoot the saboteurs
SCI should have a medic kit.
Fleet Pulsewave

Sabo 1

Go top right run past all, don't shoot, shoot sabo and heal.
While shooting Sabo keep back to right side crate

Sabo 2
run past all to south to bottom right.
When you get to Sabo area pop a pet, I prefer the shard.
Move to right flank of Sabo keep front of toon pointed towards the room.
Shoot Sabo use all heals and boast.

Sabo 3

Run to bottom left
I like run left at the end of the hall right before the wall to get out of the flank attacks.
Run to Sabo dont shoot anyone
In the Sabo area pop of a neural buff
I like to get with my back to the crates here shoot Sabo.
Use heals and boast as needed

Sabo 4
Run top right past all the guards
Last group of guard before the Sabo I like to pop my second pet.
Duck into the cubby hole to the right of the Sabo
Face out shoot and use heals.
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Originally Posted by jenel79 View Post
Phase 3:

Probably the easiest of the 3 as you're just killing adds and as it's usually 5 of you against 3 of them, they die easily. However the main point to remember here is that you want to kill them all as quickly as possible so you can get the shields down to kill the Captain before they beam out. The key to this is making sure that all your team is alive and present at the respawn point. The phase does not begin until somebody runs out of the door. So make sure that you're all ready and charge in together and that Captain will be dead in no time.
I thought this was true for the first month of Season 6 and (edit) it now turns out to be the case. Because after all, you don't see the enemies beam in until you leave the room, right? I'd appreciate it if this was made more clear since it's a recurring problem in incursion instances that people either think the timer starts instantly or they don't wait for teammates to respawn and get ready before running out the door.
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Nice guide. As a Tac Captain it is easy enough to solo the second phase by cloaking. Engineers can do very well with mortars and turrets, especially during the first phase.Engineers can solo all 4 in phase 2 with mines and bombs, though it is much harder.

Anyone else have a problem with the sabateurs not counting past 39? Twice I have reached 43 only to have it reduce to 39 at the end.

As a fleet, we just clear all enemies on phase 2. A coordinated team can do that pretty easily, they do not respawn. An engineer can also fortify the start point and hold off the enemies while the team kills the four guys.

I have used mines to set a trap for the second phase. It did not go past 3/4 and I thought we lost the bonus, however at the end report it showed 4/4. I don't know if we got full credit though, so I never do that anymore.

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Originally Posted by tacofangs View Post
Would you please please please (with whipped cream on top of it) explain them that you painted shiny coloured lines on the ground for easier orientation?

Originally Posted by phyrexianhero View Post
It turns out that the captain's timer starts[...]
... exactly the moment the first player enters the main area. I had succesful captain kills even when the team waited 30 seconds on a respawn in the start area. Usualy there are only three reasons that fail the captain kill at the end. 1) Someone rushes in ahead of the team or wasn't beamed back into the start area at the end of phase 2. 2) One (or more) mob(s) of the first guard group aggro 'legacy' player 'items' that were placed close but not in the middle area and 'wanders' off. Those are the real fun incursions, captain beams out while you still search for the last mob of group one. Or 3) The team does not focus the captain once the forcefield is down.

There 'might' (with a really big IF) be some extra seconds granted on the beam out timer if you manage phase 2 with a good time bolster but I favour that my brain is just playing tricks (aka the timer is the same, just the kill time is shorter on average with teams that manage phase 2 well too)

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