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I just got my Tholian orb ship and was quite impressed with the variety of builds and playstyles it allows to be played with it due to it's 2 lt. cmdr consoles and the fairly balanced console setup.

Now I must admit I suck at building science ships. Building Escorts into good DPS with a fair amount of tanking, or building cruisers into good Healing/ Crowd control while still having a good amount of DPS is easy for me. But I have yet to build a good science ship, that can perform well with it's main function: debuffs, crowd control, healing, while doing a fair amount of DPS by itself.

This is probably due to it's 6 weapon slots and due to most of the SCI abilities needing Aux at 100 for them to perform to their maximum.

I've been digging around in the forums I mostly saw torpedo based builds with 1 or 2 beams for the built in Beam Target Subsystem.

So i've managed to make a few basic builds that I have divided as STF/Non-STF (other PvE, PvP)

In STF DPS is something really important, so to be somewhat on par with the Escorts and Cruisers I have come up with the following setup:

Cmd Sci: HE1,TSS2,Tyken 2,Tyken 3 OR HE1,TSS2, GW1, GW3
Eng lt cmd: EPTS1,RSP1,AuxToSIF2 OR EPTS1,AuxToSIF2, EWP1
UNI Lt cmd: Depending on allies and my role in the current STF eithr:
Tac: TT1,THY2,DPB2 (Mainly DPS + Crowd control. Trico weapons are great for destroying gates and transformers and also do good when guarding the gates on KASE) or
Eng: EPTS1,ET2,ExtShields 2 (Mainly Healing + Crowd Control. Used when there is enough DPS, so all I need to do is make sure the Escorts survive and make their job easier with Grav wells and EWP)
Ens Sci: TB1
Ens Tac: TT1

Console layout is:
Eng: Web Console, Turn Rate Console, Neutronium Console
Sci: 3x Field Generators
Tac: 3x Tricobalt Consoles

The main strategy is to use Tyken Rifts + Beam Target shields to Lower the cube shields and hit them with some point blank tricobalts, while chaining Tyken rifts to generally decrease the Cubes' (Or other big hitters') Energy damage on me and my allies.

Alternatively I switch into Grav Well + EWP when I need to slow Probes on KASE or Spheres in ISE.

Whenever I see a good amount of escorts in the game I switch my UNI Tac into UNI Engineer and I generally try to keep them Alive, while still shooting less powerfull tricobalts from time to time.

Unfortunately it's harder to take advantage of the Tricobalts in other PvE missions and in PvP so I have a little bit of different approach there.

Obviously DPS isn't as important there as it is in STFs (well it is, but as a Sci I have more options to be usefull, plus the DPS aproach is less effective here), so I ditch the Tricobalts there and almost completely switch my layout with focus on several tactics to which i adapt to depending on opponents and situation:

Cmdr Sci: HE1,TSS2,GW1,GW3 or HE1, TSS2, PSW1, GW3
Lt cmd Eng: EPTS1,RSP1,AuxToSIF2 OR EPTS1, AuxToSIF1,EWP1
Lt cmd Uni: Again several options here:
TAC: TT1,THY2, TS3/BO3 (Depending on role again. BO3 requires some switching 100 Weapons power for a second)
ENG: EPTS1,ET2,ExtShields2 (Again Healer + Crowd Control)
SCI: TB1, TSS2, PSW1 (Mainly Crowd Control: Breaking extend shields, Holding Escorts in place etc.)
Ens Sci: TB1
Ens Tac: TT1

Console layout:
Eng: Web Console OR EPS console, Turn Rate Console, Neutronium Console
Sci: 3x Field Emitters
Tac: Not really sure: Since it's a torpedo build I should probably use 3x Universal torpedo consoles, but If I run BO3 i won't be doing the desired damage

Weapons layout:
Har'Peng Torpedo,Tholian Torpedo, Phased Tetryon Beam Array
Wide Quantum Torpedo (borrowed from the new sovie), 2x Phased Tetryon Beam Array

I focus on the strength of the ship: Adaptivity. I have many Boff layouts that are changed during the mission depending on mission/situation/opponents.

As I said I'm terrible at building science ships and these builds are far from optimal (they somewhat work, but I think they have a long way to go)
So I ask for your opinion. What do you think of my builds, what do you think needs to be improved, what should be changed and why?

P.S. pls excuse any grammatical or punctuational errors, I'm not a native English speaker.

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