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Originally Posted by dbxxx View Post
Esp if you put ya hand in ya pocket and get the Ning'tao class with Quad cannons.
Those quad cannons are awesome, once you get to lvl 50 and put em on a tier 5 ship they go off there heads, I ve got em on my Guramba and it just kicks ass both in pve and pvp.

Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
Packing a disruptor for range, and Bath'leth for hand to hand combat.
I always have to have a Bath'leth in my inventory or it just doesn't feel right.

Originally Posted by farmallm View Post
Its worth playing that is for sure. But only drawback is they are limited in several areas compared to Feds.
What area's are you talking about?, a Klingon can go any where a Fed can except into Fed actual systems same as a Fed can't go into Qo'No's but they can go anywhere in sector space.

You can't strait away but once you build up your doff ranks you shouldn't have a problem.
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Originally Posted by praghas View Post
As already mentioned Bird of Prey's with their universal BO slots can be decked out with science officers, which is alot more fun then it seems. Alot of science abilities have a 90 degree view, so you can't hit the enemy with them if you aren't facing them, and with a Bird of Prey you have such a tight turning radius, the enemy is always in sight.

First time I tried a Bird of Prey, I hated it, gave it another shot as a science captain and it was a blast.

Also the Kar'Fi Carrier is a science ship... As is the Klingon carrier (Vo'Quv I think...)
Fyi, the Kar'Fi isn't a Sci ship despite its boff layout. It has 7 weapon slots not 6 and doesn't have sensor analysis nor free TSSx built in. Though, the OP may be interested in trying it out for PvE (while one of my toons has one not a fan of spam in PvP). It can fit cannons and the Ad Frigs are nice for adding dps via Trics. There's also the siphon drone shutdown option, but those require another zstore purchace.

Sci BoP, B'rel can be fun to fly. They can fit a variety of weapon types as well as mix match boffs. They're also fast ships. Though KDF raiders/escorts are weaker than Fed options now for higher end PvP play. The fleet cruisers are nice though don't fit so well w/Sci Captains generally speaking.

Also, the Brel Retro and KarFi are available to as a reward for being a vet on a per character basis, not sure on the days required though.
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08-26-2012, 02:11 AM
**Loads Sevok into torpedo**

**Aims for Qo'nos**

I'll stop kicking that horse when the bugs fixed. Until then as a paying consumer, I will voice my opinion.
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Originally Posted by sevok View Post
So I have a L50 Federation character, an Engineering Captain. I've flown Science Wessels from Day 1, though at each Tier I always tried out a Cruiser and an Escort for a few days... always went back to SV's. I just "get" the playstyle of using CC abilities and other tricks to make fights a LOT easier.

But... I've really always wanted to play KDF side. So, I'm looking for a recommendation on a ship type/model for KDF-side that might play similarly to a Fed SV. My Klingon toon is just a couple levels past whereever they start at nowadays; it's been a while since I've logged on that side.
get bortasq sci vessel. Equip it with phased polaron beams from the dominion mission all x8 of them.

Get karfi use phased tetryons cannons on it and orion energy siphon drones along with energy siphon 3.

Get fleet scourge destroyer equip it with DHC's antiproton

Also i would recommend using the leech console on ALL the above ships but hold on just a moment because PWE might do the HUGE mistake and make this unique console availiable via lockboxes.....

And then there is no reason at all to play KDF

And for me there will be no reason to play start trek online anymore

Besides that i am very happy to help ppl get into KDF side add me as friends and contact me with ventrilo if u want more into about building some decent KDF ships.

All the information i have i am happy to share as long as you ppl play and support the KDF.

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