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Originally Posted by adabisi View Post
I must agree with the poster above me. They fire weapons that tickle.....

Elite is elite for a reason. The mobs are scaled up to a higher rate of fire or damage or amount of damage they do....there are easy strategies to avoid such calamities to your ship that work.

1 Keep moving...the slower you move the less defense you have...this is especially for those silly cruisers who think giving a broadside and not moving is the best idea.

2. Invest in your captain skills that give energy and kinetic resists as well as the innate defense which also tend to draw aggro (especially for cruisers who want to tank)

3. Invest in the skill that offers you more defenses through agility of your ship aka starship maneuvers

4. This is one if often used as a sole way to avoid the wrath of the elite NPCs...consoles. It is nice to use these but also take into account diminishing returns so less investment in these and more into other things that can allso defend your ship....higher speed is a good example through engines power....but do not entirely ignore this of course.

5. Another skill that, in my talks with lesser experienced captains, is often over looked is AUX to inertial dampeners. It gives you a boost of speed which translates into more defense as well as damage resists which go up based on your AUX power.....and for many like science ships and carriers can help them greatly and it does not share cooldowns with the basic 3 emergency to wpns/eng/aux/shields or the holy trinity of science team engineering team or tactical team.

6. Brace for impact

in my cruiser specifically built to tank and take a beating my kinetics resistance regularly go over 65 and norm then are at 50....and plasma resists are about the same.......antiproton is next.....they are all borg energy weapon types used......

I often see cruisers go head to head with borg spheres..only to pop 5-10 seconds later.....they cry it is too hard but if they would try some of these techniques and or placements of skills and consoles their survivability will increase in leaps and bounds.

On of my greatest tactics in my cruiser is to keep max speed and circle the cube.........I dont do a ton of no need for me to stay on one side of the cube...i circle and circle staying at full speed......the rest can fire on the ships vulnerable areas as they are not targetted.....The cube only fires at me except for the random team survives and noone dies.....a job well done...

The big issue is when there is not tank or a tank with weak skills.....a cascade affect happens....he/she on the aggro is targetted....they pop...and so on and so on......SO if you are a better do your job and keep the folks alive......come to the game prepared. And if you find your build is weak..dont be afraid to max range and flee out of range to stay alive......silly AI still goes after you ..JUST be prepared to rush back in and get it back as the DPS will soon aggro the mobs....
Great advice thank you, though I noticed that diminishing returns does not work quite the way you expect and that tank skill is awful for escorts, (I tend to grab agro in my escorts even when paired with a strong tank). Then again I have done a bunch of what's on this list.

Now here's my point, I do not want baddies that hit harder for the sake of weak mechanics. I want baddies that make me think, kinda like I have to think when I PvP. That's why I am in DontDrunks camp.
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